Featured Quilters

The Tucson Quilters Guild has many award winning members.  Every Quilt Fiesta we highlight some of these cloth artists and their incredible body of work.  This year our featured quilters are:

Philo Bell

Philo’s artistic life began in childhood.  There were coloring books for interesting color combinations, paper dolls to design clothes for, and drawing paper for sketching.  In high school and university she enjoyed making many of her own clothes.  She liked planning the styles and color seemed to be the best part for her.  But Philo’s true fabric art began when she took her first quilting class.  In the beginning she produced quilts for family and charity but as she reached a limit on making bed and lap quilts, she found the urge to design interesting fabric art pieces.  That variety was the spice Philo needed to progress further on her quilting journey.  Investigating many different ways to handle and embellish fabric has kept her entranced with art quilting ever since.

Ruth Sharp

Ruth is mostly self taught.  She started her art career with oil paints in upstate New York.  In 1994 she moved to Tucson where she began working in fiber art.  Starting with creative cloths, she won a national challenge which required her to create something from a clothing pattern.  That is where she discovered that she could use her sewing machine to thread paint a forest and fairies.  That grand prized launched her into a love of building something from a pile of fiber, thread, roving, dyes, and cotton.  Her art is mostly realistic and has wonderful detail.  Portaits are a favorite but animals, birds, and nature also show prominently in her work.

Come to the show.  Philo and Ruth will be there both days and are happy to meet with you and answer any questions that you have.