September 2021 – Joyce Hughes

Joyce is a self-taught quilter and fiber artist.  Her first quilt was a tee shirt quilt which she enjoyed making but felt limited in the ability to express herself artistically.  Within several months she began designing pictorial landscape quilts using raw edge applique.  Never knowing the rules, she broke a lot of them, but with exciting results. 

Amazingly, her first art quilt was entered into a national show and won a blue ribbon.  This had led to numerous awards and opportunities in the quilting world.  She loves free motion quilting and thread painting.  Currently she has fixed on working with fabric panels to create dimension and texture with threads and embellishments, creating a style all her own.  Frequently, she says, these panels are looked at and passed over, often with comments such as “What do you do with this?”.  “It is so big.”  “The colors are dull”.  But, with a little embellishing and thread painting, Joyce says that any panel can become a work of art!


“My Journey into Quilting”

This is an open and inspiring talk about how Joyce started quilting, leading into art quilts with thread painting, and finally her work with panels.  Showing many “before and after” art quilts she also explores how panels can be used as personal projects.  You will learn how she prepares the panel and how she layers threads to achieve different effects on the quilts.  Then, with ribbons, markers, paint, crystals, and whatever else she can think of, she will show you how to make any panel a unique piece of art.

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