December 2019 – Cindy Brick

Cindy Brick

Cindy Brick is an editor, designer and writer who travels the world teaching about quilting and quilt history. A former editor for Quilter’s Newsletter, she is also a textiles appraiser and professional quilt restorer.

She has written many articles and six books, including Hanky Panky, the Stitcher’s Language of Flowers, Quilts of the Great Depression and the Fabric Dating Kit.

The first edition of her fifth book, Crazy Quilts (Voyageur Press) sold out within two months. Quilts from the Golden West (Kansas City Star) is Cindy’s last textile-related book. Book #7, Ghosts & Legends of Colorado’s Front Range (Arcadia Press’s Haunted America imprint) is Cindy’s first foray into that subject; its second printing nearly sold out within a few weeks of its publication in Oct. 2018. A sequel to Cindy’s Hanky Panky Crazy Quilts (twelve printings), Hanky Panky With A Flourish is planned for the future, as well as a sequel to Ghosts & Legends.

Nearly all of Encyclopedia Britannica’s quilt-related entries are her writing; she also consulted for three television specials on quilting (appeared in person on one), and was on Simply Quilts to explain her Hanky Panky quilt method. She has been on an episode of The Quilt Show to talk about Crazy quilts, and on the Quilter’s Newsletter cable channel to discuss friendship quilts.

Cindy is a frequent contributor to various magazines, publishes frequently online (including in personal finance, as well as crafts and history), and is an experienced personal property appraiser with AQS (American Quilter’s Society) and ASA (American Society of Appraisers) credentials. She lives and works in Castle Rock, Colorado. For more on her books and products, including color photos, visit the Brickworks website.

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