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We know, you can find almost anything on the Internet these days, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for the step-by-step instructions, right there in your sewing room, that only a book can provide.  Check out our books list, sorted by author and by subject matter, online and then check out the books in person at the monthly Guild meetings.

SectionKeywordsSection CategoryAUTHORDate PublishedTitleSub-TitleAuthor - Last FirstAccession #                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
1-AMSampler quilts; Stars; Machine piecingAmishALM1997Almost Amish samplerdesigns, patterns, techniquesAuthor not listed1471
1-AMAmish quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Curved piecingAmishAMI1996Amishclassic American quilt collection. Amish, TheAuthor not listed576
1-AMAmish; Applique; Flowers; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selectionAmishGOL2006Amish-inspired QuiltsTradition With A Piece O' Cake TwistGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-446
1-AMAmish quilts; Exhibitions - Kentucky - Museum of the American Quilter's Society; Crib quiltsAmishHAV1996Amish kinder komfortsquilts from the Sara Miller collectionHavig, Bettina.578
1-AMQuilting patterns; Patchwork patterns; Applique patterns; Amish QuiltsAmishJEF1998quilter's guide to Amish quilts, TheJefferson, Jan.737
1-AMWelsh quilts;AmishJEN2005Making Welsh quiltsthe textile traditions that inspired the Amish?Jenkins, Mary1608
1-AMAmish quilts; Amish - Social life and customs; Beginner's techniquesAmishPEL2001Amish wall quilts15 brilliant and beautiful quiltsPellman,Rachel Thomas1183
1-AMAmish - Social life and customs; Reminiscenses; Applique; Sampler quiltsAmishYOU2004The Amish circle quilt121 quilt block patterns that tell a storyYoungs, Rosemary1615
A-ANApplique; Animals; Embroidery; Small projects; FlowersApplique - AnimalARM2002Cats in quilts14 purrfect projectsArmstrong, Carol, 1953-1282
A-ANApplique; Burch; AnimalsApplique - AnimalBUR2001Laurel Burch quiltskindred creaturesBurch, Laurel.1035
A-ANBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; AnimalsApplique - AnimalBUR2005Wonderfully whimsical quilts10 playful projects to make you smileBurniston, Carol1564
A-ANApplique; Fused applique; Dogs; AnimalsApplique - AnimalBUR2007Color-splashed QuiltsFuse Fun Appliqué To Your PiecingBurniston, Carol, 1953-24
A-ANApplique; Burch; Animals; Fish;Applique - AnimalBUR2007Laurel Burch Legends. 9 Quilts Inspired By The Earth, Sea & SkyBurch, Laurel.766
A-ANApplique; Award winning quilterApplique - AnimalMAR1998Take-away appliquéMarshall, Suzanne.477
A-ANPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Setting; Animals; FlowersApplique - AnimalOLS2004Two-block applique quiltsOlson, Claudia1431
A-ANApplique; Machine piecing; Picture quilts; Animals; NatureApplique - AnimalVAN2003Meadowbrook quilts12 projects inspired by natureVan Bockel, Jean, 1952-1356
A-ANApplique; Animals; Flowers; Seasonal patterns; Wearable art; Small projectsApplique - AnimalWEL1997Willowoodfurther adventures in buttonhole stitch appliquéWells, Jean.626
A-ANAfrican; Animals; Applique; Dolls and dollmaking; Picture quilts; Stolen quiltsApplique - AnimalWIL1998Quilts on SafariWilliamson, Jenny981
A-BApplique; Birds; Embroidery; Small projectsApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsARM2000Wild birdsdesigns for appliqué & quiltingArmstrong, Carol, 1953-935
A-BApplique, BugApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsCHR2002Ladybug, ladybug...Christopherson, Teri1305
A-BFolk; Machine applique; Machine quialtingApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsDEP2006Garden whimsy appliqueDepre, Mickey1593
A-BApplique; Birds; Flowers; Roses; Sampler quiltsApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsDOC2006Applique Masterpiece Series. Birds 'n RosesDocherty, Margaret.931
A-BApplique; Flowers; BirdsApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsHAT2000More Conway album blocksblue birdsHatcher, Gail Irma1086
A-BApplique; ButterfliesApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsOGL2004Butterfly albummonarchs & moreOglesby, Bea, 1924-1562
A-BApplique; Fabric selection; Flowers; Birds; ButterfliesApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsTOW2005Applique takes wingexquisite designs for birds, butterflies, and moreTownswick, Jane.836
A-BLApplique; Album quilts; Borders; DesignApplique - BaltimoreCHR2003A Perfect Union of Patchwork & AppliqueChristopherson, Darlene1855
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Beginner's techniques; Setting; Sampler quiltsApplique - BaltimoreDIE2006Baltimore BasicsAlbum Quilts From Start To FinishDietrich, Mimi.825
A-BLApplique; Album quilts; Borders; DesignApplique - BaltimoreHAT1992Conway Album (I'm Not From Baltimore) QuiltPatterns and Techniques for Prize-Winning AppliqueHatcher, Irma Gail1857
A-BLApplique; Album quilts; Borders; Design; HeartsApplique - BaltimoreHAT1996More Conway Album Blocks: HeartsAppique Patterns & TechniquesHatcher, Irma Gail1858
A-BLApplique; Album quilts; Borders; Design; BasketsApplique - BaltimoreHAT1997More Conway Album Blocks: BasketsAppique Patterns & TechniquesHatcher, Irma Gail1859
A-BLApplique; Album quilts; Borders; DesignApplique - BaltimoreKIM1989Reflections of BaltimoreKimball, Jeana1856
A-BLApplique; Album quilts; Borders; Design; Red and GreenApplique - BaltimoreKIM1990Red and GreenAn Applique TraditionKimball, Jeana1846
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Beginner's techniques; Setting; Sampler quiltsApplique - BaltimoreSHA1993Three-Dimensioal Applique and Embroidery EmbellishmentsTechniques for Today's Album QuiltShackelford, Anita.1853
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Borders; DesignApplique - BaltimoreSIE1992Design a Baltimore Album Quilt!A Teach Yourself Coursein Sets and BordersSienkiewicz, Elly1854
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Borders; Medallion quiltsApplique - BaltimoreSIE1994Appliqué 12 borders & medallions!patterns from easy to heirloomSienkiewicz, Elly.372
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Small projectsApplique - BaltimoreSIE2006Baltimore EleganceA New Approach To Classic Album QuiltsSienkiewicz, Elly.1223
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersARM2006Carol Armstrong's Patches & posiesdesigns for appliqué & quilting.Armstrong, Carol, 1953-1579
A-FLFlowers; Applique; Sampler quiltsApplique - FlowersBLA2003Floral quilts from grandma's cupboardBlackhurst, Michelle1441
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersBOV2003Shadow Appliquea fresh take on a traditional techniqueBoven, Hetty van1554
A-FLMachine applique; Flowers; Quilt historyApplique - FlowersBRA2001Praire flower: a year on the plainsnew applique patterns in the Kansas City Star heritageBrackman, Barbara1537
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersBRA2006Tried & truecabbage rose favoritesBrandeburg, Barbara252
A-FLApplique;Applique - FlowersBRA2009Flora BotanicaQuilts from The Spencer Museum of ArtBrackman, Barbara171
A-FLMachine applique; Flowers; Machine embroidery; Machine quiltingApplique - FlowersBUL2007Cutting garden QuiltsFabulous Fusible FlowersBula, Melinda.1323
A-FLFlowers; Applique;Applique - FlowersBUR2007The Magic Vine QuiltBurns, Eleanor1683
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersDEL2009Pots de FleursA garden of Applique TechniquesDelaney, Kathy370
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Hearts; Sampler quiltsApplique - FlowersDOC2008Appliqué Masterpiece Series. Hearts And TulipsDocherty, Margaret.826
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Birds; QuiltingApplique - FlowersENG2008Bodacious Appliqué La CarteEngel, Margie.2
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Patchwork; Machine piecingApplique - FlowersGOL1998Stars in the garden:Fresh flowers in appliqueGoldsmith, Barbara.750
A-FLApplique; Beginner's techniques; Sampler quiltsApplique - FlowersGOL1998The applique handbookGoldsmith, Becky852
A-FLFlowers; Applique; Embellishment; Quilt historyApplique - FlowersHAS2004Quilts In BloomA Garden Of Inspiring Quilts And Techniques With Floral DesignsHaslam, Marion.995
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Fabric manipulationApplique - FlowersHAT1998More Conway album blockscross sprays applique pattterns & techniquesHatcher, Gail Irma782
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersHAT1999More Conway album blockswreaths applique patterns and techniquesHatcher, Gail Irma975
A-FLApplique; Small projects; Flowers, BirdsApplique - FlowersJOH1999The Love of appliqueJohnston, Dianne831
A-FLPatchwork; Applique; Embroidery; Nature; Small projects;Applique - FlowersJOH2001Pink lemonade & other delightsJohnson, Linda1063
A-FLApplique; Flowers; GardenApplique - FlowersKNO2008Quilted Garden DelightsMake Your Quilts Bloom--8 Quick ProjectsKnott, Holly, 1967-381
A-FLApplique; Flowers; EmbellishmentApplique - FlowersLAB2001Garden view appliquévintage album patternsLabanaris, Faye.1171
A-FLApplique; Art Nouveau; FlowersApplique - FlowersLAW2009Garden Nouveau QuiltsLawrence, Vicky, 1948-229
A-FLApplique; Quilt history; Design; BordersApplique - FlowersMAR2005Classic four-block applique quiltsa back-to-basics approachMarston, Gwen1632
A-FLApplique; Birds; FlowersApplique - FlowersOGL2006Art nouveau quiltsfor the 21st centuryOglesby, Bea, 1924-76
A-FLApplique; Flowers; PIecing - PatternsApplique - FlowersPAP2003Dear HannahIn The Style Of Jane A. SticklePapadakis, Brenda Manges, 1943-589
A-FLApplique; Flowers; HomeApplique - FlowersPRO2008Beautiful BloomsQuilts And Cushions To AppliquéPropst, Susan Taylor, 1960-709
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Beginner's TechniquesApplique - FlowersQUI1995Quilts in Bloom: Quilts Made EasyDesigns, Patterns, TechniquesAuthor not listed1862
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Sampler quilts; Basket quilts; Borders; Birds; ButterfliesApplique - FlowersROS2008Delightful Quilts In BloomRoss, Mary, 1939-491
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Small projects; Patchwork; Machine piecingApplique - FlowersSCH2006Flowering quilts16 charming folk art projects to decorate your homeSchaefer, Kim1623
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Small projects; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Sampler quiltsApplique - FlowersSCH2009Flower Festival50 Appliqué Blocks To Grow Your Garden : 9 Quilt ProjectsSchaefer, Kim, 1960-600
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersSHA2000Coxcomb variationsAQS legacy collectionShackelford, Anita1090
A-FLApplique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; EmbellishmentApplique - FlowersTOM2009Quilts From ParadiseTomaszewski, Cynthia, 1953-882
A-FLApplique; Fabric selection; FlowersApplique - FlowersTOW2003Color-blend appliqueTownswick, Jane1327
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecing; BordersApplique - FlowersWAL2002Pick-a-pattern applique & variationsWaldman, Joan Sjuts1500
A-GRApplique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Embroidery; Small projectsApplique - GardenADA1999Nut and BerriesBlackbird designsAdams, Barb1037
A-GRApplique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Embroidery; Small projectsApplique - GardenADA2000Fresh from the gardenAdams, Barb1004
A-GRApplique; Flowers; Historic ; Garden themedApplique - GardenBRA2012Garden Quilt, TheInterpreting A MasterpieceBrackman, Barbara.1221
A-GRApplique; Fruits; Garden themedApplique - GardenDEL2004Horn of Plenty for a new centuryDelaney, Kathy1644
A-GRApplique; Botanicals; Garden themedApplique - GardenKEM2011Beautiful Botanicals45 Appliqué Flowers & 14 Quilt ProjectsKemball, Deborah.949
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; Sampler quilts; Embellishment; FlowersApplique - GardenMIL2003Quilting the savory gardenMillett, Sandra.1614
A-GRApplique; VegetablesApplique - GardenOGL2006Veggies From The Good EarthApplique AlbumOglesby, Bea, 1924-445
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenSLO2010Applique a Garden7 quiltsSloan, Pat654
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenTOM2003Garden partyappliqué quilts that bloomTomaszewski, Cynthia, 1953-1298
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenTOM2005Tea in the Gardenquilts for a summer afternoonTomaszewski, Cynthia1482
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenWAL2007Garden of Applique4 quilts by Peggy WaltmanWaltman, Peggy734
APApplique; Embellishment; Embroidery; Small projectsAppliqueARM2001Quilting with Carol Armstrong30 quilting patterns, applique designs, 16 projectsArmstrong, Carol, 1953-1142
APApplique; Trapunto; QuiltingAppliqueBAR1997Broderie Persethe elegant quiltBarber, Barbara W.619
APApplique; Wool and cotton quilts; Small projectsAppliqueBAT2012Elegant Quilts, Country CharmApplique Designs in Cotton and WoolBateman, Leonie1797
APU. S.- Quilts - History - 19th century; Women - U.S. - History; U. S.- Quilts - History - 20th century; Applique; Patterns; FlowersAppliqueBRA2004Susan McCordBrackman, Barbara1528
APSmall projects; Applique; Patchwork; Seasonal patterns; Machine piecingAppliqueBRA2004Quilting with my sister15 projects to celebrate women's livesBrandeburg, Barbara1627
APApplique; DesignAppliqueCAM2008Ideas for Appliquethe applique artist's workbookCampbell, Eileen1678
APStrip piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Flowers; Small projectsAppliqueCAR1999Brandyberry cottageCarlson, Linda638
APAppliqueAppliqueDIE2007Mimi Dietrich's Favorite Appliqué QuiltsDietrich, Mimi.1774
APApplique; Wool quilts; Small projectsAppliqueEAT2002Blossoms in winter14 designs in wool-felt appliquéEaton, Patti.1259
APApplique;AppliqueGAN1996AppliquéGanderton, Lucinda.146
APApplique; Delft designsAppliqueGAR2004Dutch Treat196 Appliqué Blocks Inspired By Delft DesignsGarden, Judy.838
APApplique; Wool; Flowers; NatureAppliqueGIB2010Pennies From HeavenCelebrated Quilt And Companion ProjectsGibbons, Gretchen.1274
APApplique; Wool; Flowers; NatureAppliqueGIB2014My Enchanted GardenAppliqué Quilts In Cotton And WoolGibbons, Gretchen, Author.1704
APApplique; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecingAppliqueGOL1999Fabric collage quiltsusing creative appliqué and embellishmentsGoldstein, Joanne, 1952-899
APAppliqueAppliqueGOL2005Teach yourself to applique the Piece O'Cake wayGoldsmith, Becky1559
APApplique;AppliqueGOL2009Appliqué Outside The Lines With Piece O' Cake DesignsNo Rules-no RulerGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-872
APAppliqueAppliqueGRE2011Give & Take Fabric AppliqueGreig, Daphne 1396
APApplique; Quilt history; Sampler quilts; Stained glass quiltingAppliqueJON2010Tile Quilt RevivalReinventing A Forgotten FormJones, Carol Gilham, 1946-1072
APApplique; Poem inspiredAppliqueKIT2003Quilting A PoemOriginal Designs Inspired By America's Most Beloved PoetsKite, Frances.133
APApplique; Wool quilts; Fabric selection; Embroidery; Alphabets; Wearable art; Small projectsAppliqueLIE2000Heart-felt wool appliqueLie, Lorinda1351
APApplique; Blocks; Folk; Techniques; Flowers; Birds; AnimalsAppliqueMAC2011Inspired by Tradition50 Applique Blocks in 5 SizesMackenzie, Kay1816
APAppliqueAppliqueMAC2012Scrap Appliqué PlaygroundTurn Quilt Scraps Into Fun Appliqué FabricsMackenzie, Kay, 1952-1363
APApplique; Award winning quilterAppliqueMAR2008Adventure & AppliquéTraveling The World With Award Winning Quilter Suzanne MarshallMarshall, Suzanne.722
APApplique, CutworkAppliqueMOR2003Cutout quiltsMori, Joyce.1366
APApplique; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecingAppliqueQUI2006Quick and colorful applique14 lively new designsAuthor not listed1592
APApplique; Birds; Bugs; NatureAppliqueSAT2001Earth WorksSatterfield, Debra K.1174
APSeasonal; Folk; Patchwork; AppliqueAppliqueSEL2006Quilter's Dozen PlusSelck, Janet1711
APApplique; Flowers; VictorianAppliqueSHE2005Courtship quiltsinspired by the Victorian language of flowersSheppard, Janna L.1517
APApplique; Techniques; Flowers; Suede; Birds; AnimalsAppliqueSIE1999Fancy Applique12 Lessons to Enhance Your SkillsSienkiewicz, Elly1815
APSmall quilts, Piecing; Paper piecingAppliqueSMI2001Friends forever quilting togetherSmith, Nancy, 1943 Oct. 17-1568
APApplique; Small Projects; Beginners' techniques; Sampler quilts; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecing;MeditationsAppliqueSTE2003At piece with timea women's journey stitched in clothSteiner, Kristen C.1535
APApplique; Small projects; Embroidery; Country; HistoricAppliqueTHO2000Made in America 1776-1830quilts by the daughters of libertyThompson, Terry Clothier1013
APAppliqueAppliqueWAS2011Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts11 Easy Appliqué Projects To Embroider By HandWasilowski, Laura, 1952-1292
APApplique; Picture quilts; Embellishment; Embroidery; Seasonal patterns; DesignAppliqueWEI1998Everyday angels in extraordinary quiltsWeidman, Mary Lou, 1949-1232
APApplique; Picture quilts; Embellishment; Seasonal patterns; DesignAppliqueWEI2001Quilted memoriescelebrations of lifeWeidman, Mary Lou, 1949-1177
APApplique; Home; Small projects; FlowersAppliqueWIL2013Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures15 Applique Projects: Quilts, Bags, Pillows & MoreWilliams, Wendy1798
AP-HApplique; Hand applique; TechniquesApplique - HandNEW2005Perfect Hand Applique with ThimbleladyNewman, Liuxin, 1958-1056
AP-HApplique; Small projects; Flowers; BirdsApplique - HandPAN2004Needleturn applique made easyPandolph, Robyn1446
AP-HApplique; Hand applique; TechniquesApplique - HandPHI2008Hand-appliquéd Quilts Whimsical Designs & Simple TechniquesPhillips, Tonye Belinda.444
AP-HApplique; CutworkApplique - HandPOO2006Applique lace patternsPool, Linda383
AP-HApplique; Beginner's techniques; Small projectsApplique - HandSIE1991Applique 12 easy ways!Sienkiewicz, Elly68
AP-HApplique; Album quilts; Flowers; BirdsApplique - HandTOW2000Artful appliquéthe easy wayTownswick, Jane.1014
AP-MApplique; Fusible applique; FlowersApplique - MachineAND2005Fun, Fast FusiesLove To QuiltAnderson, Frieda L.813
AP-MApplique; Machine appliqueApplique - MachineBUH2011Fuss-free Machine AppliquéSew On The Line For Great ResultsBuhler, Lori, 1958-795
AP-MMachine appliqueApplique - MachineFER2009More! Hand Appliqué By Machine9 Quilt Projects, Updated Techniques, Needle-turn Results Without HandworkFerrier, Beth.1778
AP-MApplique; TechniqueApplique - MachineFRO2006At play with applique7 template-free techniques : 10 step-by-step projectsFronks, Dilys A.317
AP-MFusing techniques; BlocksApplique - MachineJOH2010Fusible MagicIncludes 100 Blocks, 9 Quilt ProjectsJohnson-Srebro, Nancy.684
AP-MMachine applique; Quilt history; Sampler quilts; FlowersApplique - MachineMEN2002Quiltmaker's Guide to Fine Machine AppliqueMenaugh, Karla1330
AP-MMachine applique; Embellishment; Small projects; Seasonal patternsApplique - MachineNEW2003New Ways To Appliquébasic blocks & beyondAuthor not listed132
AP-MApplique; Flowers; Sampler quiltsApplique - MachineNIC2001Machine appliquéa sampler of techniquesNickels, Sue.1230
AP-MMachine appliqueApplique - MachineNIC2006Stitched raw edge appliqueNickels, Sue.283
AP-MMachine applique; Beginner's techniques; Sewing supplies and equipmentApplique - MachineNOB1998Basic quiltmaking techniques for machine appliquéNoble, Maurine, 1932-752
AP-MAppliqueApplique - MachinePIT2013First-time Machine AppliquéPittman, Janet, Author.1328
AP-MApplique; Flowers; TechniquesApplique - MachinePRI2008Love To Machine AppliquéA Medley Of TechniquesPrice, Caroline, 1948-1059
AP-MApplique; Machine appliqueApplique - MachineSCH2007Piece By Piece Machine AppliquéSchamber, Sharon.1637
AP-MApplique; Machine applique; Sampler quilts; CutworkApplique - MachineSHA1999Appliqué with folded cutworkShackelford, Anita.815
AP-MApplique; Beginner's tehniques; Children's quilt; HomeApplique - MachineWEL2005Machine applique made easya beginner's guide to techniques, stitches & decorative projectsWells, Jean1626
AP-MApplique; Birds; Flowers; Wearable art; Seasonal patterns; Small projectsApplique - MachineWON1997Wonder-Under book of easy appliqueAuthor not listed719
A-RVMachine applique; Reverse applique; Beginner techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecingApplique - Reverse AppliqueMUL2003Reverse Appliqué With No BrakezMullen, Jan, 1958-1691
A-RVApplique; Molas; Reverse appliqueReverse AppliquePAT1995Mola techniques for today's quiltersPatera, Charlotte, 1927-316
A-RVApplique; Reverse applique; Patterns - Schoolhouse; AlphabetsReverse AppliquePAT1995Schoolhouse appliquéreverse techniques and more...Patera, Charlotte, 1927-1320
A-SMFlowers; Applique; Embroidery; Sampler quilts; Beginner's techniques; EmbellishmentApplique - SamplerBUC2000Appliqué BasicsFlower WreathsBuckley, Karen Kay.437
A-SMApplique; Basket quilts; Flowers; Embellishment; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Machine applique; EmbroideryApplique - SamplerBUR1999Grandmother's garden quiltBurns, Eleanor.937