We know, you can find almost anything on the Internet these days, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for the step-by-step instructions, right there in your sewing room, that only a book can provide.  Check out our books list, sorted by author and by subject matter, online and then check out the books in person at the monthly Guild meetings.

SectionKeywordsSection CategoryAUTHORDate PublishedTitleSub-TitleAuthor - Last FirstAccession #
A-GRApplique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Embroidery; Small projectsApplique - GardenADA1999Nut and BerriesBlackbird designsAdams, Barb1037
A-GRApplique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Embroidery; Small projectsApplique - GardenADA2000Fresh from the gardenAdams, Barb1004
PAApplique; Embroidery; Small projectsPatrioticADA2002Celebration of American lifeapplique patterns honoring a nation and its peopleAdams, Barb.1359
C-FFolk; Austrailan designsCountry / FolkAIK2000Favourite QuiltsAustralian Patchwork & QuiltingAiken, Sue187
E-GEmbroidery; Applique; Sunbonnet Sue; FlowersEmbellishment - GeneralALD1997century of sunbonnets, AAlderman, Betty23
E-GEmbroidery; Flowers; Applique; Small projects; Animals; Crazy quiltsEmbellishment - GeneralALD2004Favorite Appliqué & Embroidery QuiltsAlderman, Betty.9
ST-WPatchwork; Stack and WhackStack and WhackALE2004Stack a new deckmore great quilts in 4 easy stepsAlexander, Karla1457
BAChildren's quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToALE2008Baby WrapsQuilt, Cuddly QuiltsAlexander, Karla, 1956-74
ST-WPatchwork; Machine piecing; Crazy quilts; Small projects; Applique; Beginner's techniques; Stack and WhackStack and WhackALE2002Stack the deck!crazy quilts in 4 easy stepsAlexander, Karla, 1956-1258
ST-WPatchwork; Stack and WhackStack and WhackALE2009Color ShuffleNew Quilts From Karla AlexanderAlexander, Karla, 1956-1721
TEPatcwork; Special equipment; Curved piecingTechnique including BeginnerAMA2003Let's Make WavesAmaru, Lily Marie1087
P-LPicture quilts; AppliquePicture/Landscape QuiltsAND1999Focus on Featureslife-like portrayals in appliqueAndersen, Charlotte Warr, 1952-776
P-SStars; Color; Fabric selectionPatchwork - StarsAND1996Simply starsquilts that sparkleAnderson, Alex240
TEBeginner TechniquesTechnique including BeginnerAND2001Start Quilting with Alex AndersonAnderson, Alex1833
BACrib quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToAND2006Alex Anderson's Baby Quilts With Love12 Timeless Projects For Today's Nursery.Anderson, Alex, 1955-537
E-REmbroidery; Flowers; Small projectsEmbellishment RedworkAND2001Shadow redwork with Alex Anderson24 designs to mix and match.Anderson, Alex, 1955-1071
Q-HHand quilting; Beginner's techniques; Small projects; Sewing supplies and equipment; QuiltingQuilting - HandAND1998Hand Quilting With Alex AndersonSix Projects For Hand Quilters.Anderson, Alex, 1955-1659
Q-MMachine quilting patternsQuilting MachineAND2007Machine Quilting With Alex Anderson7 Exercises, Projects & Full-size Quilting Patterns.Anderson, Alex, 1955-1660
TEPatchwork; Beginner's techniques; StarsTechnique including BeginnerAND2005Keep quilting with Alex Anderson7 skill-building piecing techniques, 16 traditional blocks to mix & match, 6 sampler star projects.Anderson, Alex, 1955-1571
PPPaper piecing; Sampler quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecingPaper PiecingAND2010Paper Piecing With Alex Anderson7 Quilt Projects, Tips, Techniques.Anderson, Alex.1748
AP-MApplique; Fusible applique; FlowersApplique - MachineAND2005Fun, Fast FusiesLove To QuiltAnderson, Frieda L.813
BAChildren's quilts; AlphabetBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToABC1999ABC Quiltthe comic zooAnon.850
MDModern; Patchwork; StrataModern QuiltsAPP2014Color Strataseam, cut & sew abstract quilts with minimal guidelinesAppell, Rob765
P-LPicture quilts; Landscape; SeascapesPicture/Landscape QuiltsAPP2001Making Waves ... Adventures of a Surf Quiltera complete guide to seascape quiltsAppell, Rob1469
W-BWearables; Bags;Wearables, Bags, Purses ARC2005Fast, fun & easy fabric bags10 projects to suit your styleArcher, Pam1519
MDModern; PatchworkModern QuiltsARM2012Solids, Stripes, Circles, And Squares16 Modern Patchwork Quilt PatternsArmbrester, Pippa Eccles, 1987-1131
A-ANApplique; Animals; Embroidery; Small projects; FlowersApplique - AnimalARM2002Cats in quilts14 purrfect projectsArmstrong, Carol, 1953-1282
A-BApplique; Birds; Embroidery; Small projectsApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsARM2000Wild birdsdesigns for appliqué & quiltingArmstrong, Carol, 1953-935
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersARM2006Carol Armstrong's Patches & posiesdesigns for appliqué & quilting.Armstrong, Carol, 1953-1579
APApplique; Embellishment; Embroidery; Small projectsAppliqueARM2001Quilting with Carol Armstrong30 quilting patterns, applique designs, 16 projectsArmstrong, Carol, 1953-1142
BAChildren's quilts; Applique; Animals; Cats; Embroidery; Small projects; FlowersBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToARM2006Kitty capers15 quilt projects with purrsonalityArmstrong, Carol, 1953-532
TEMachine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Small projects; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingTechnique including BeginnerARN2000Pine Tree Quiltsperfect patchwork piecingArnold, Lois Embree402
HIContemporary quilts;History Hawaiian quiltsHawaiian QuiltsART2002At the cutting edge Contemporary Hawaiian QuiltingArthur, Linda1655
HMHome; Books;Home/Gifts/Small ProjectsAST2006Make Spectacular Booksfabulous fabric, skewer & folded booksAstroth, Sue814
S-GSurface design; Small projects; EmbellishmentSurface Design - GeneralAST2004Fast, Fun & Easy Scrapbook QuiltsCreate A Keepsake For Every MemoryAstroth, Sue, 1957-424
HMPatchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecing; Beginner's techniquesHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsATK2003Spring CleaningAtkinson, Terry1465
HMHome; PatchworkHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsATK2008Let's Do LunchAtkinson, Terry890
MDModern quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; Beginner's techniquesModern QuiltsATK2007Happy Hourrelax and enjoyAtkinson, Terry354
PTPatchworkPatchworkATK1999Terry's shortcut quilt collectionAtkinson, Terry1117
PTPatchworkPatchworkATK2005Time out quiltsAtkinson, Terry165
DEBorders; Patchwork; Machine piecing; SettingDesign/ LayoutAUG2000Vertical quilts with styleAug, Bobbie A.936
STRPatchwork; String quiltsString PiecedAUG1999String quilts with styleAug, Bobbie A.79
PTAward winning quilts; Patchwork; Applique; Paper piecingPatchworkAUS2004From the cover15 memorable projects for quilt loversAustin, Mary Leman1546
1-AMSampler quilts; Stars; Machine piecingAmishALM1997Almost Amish samplerdesigns, patterns, techniquesAuthor not listed1471
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Beginner's TechniquesApplique - FlowersQUI1995Quilts in Bloom: Quilts Made EasyDesigns, Patterns, TechniquesAuthor not listed1862
APApplique; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecingAppliqueQUI2006Quick and colorful applique14 lively new designsAuthor not listed1592
AP-MMachine applique; Embellishment; Small projects; Seasonal patternsApplique - MachineNEW2003New Ways To Appliquébasic blocks & beyondAuthor not listed132
BAChildren's quilts; Patchwork; AppliqueBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToQUI2003Quilts for Babies & KidsAuthor not listed527
BABeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Children's quilts; Machine piecing; AppliqueBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToQUI2006Quick colorful quilts for babies and toddlers14 cute and cuddly quilts to brighten up the nurseryAuthor not listed1625
BAChildren's quiltsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToQUI2009Quilting For BabyAuthor not listed1749
BLBlocks; Fat quarter; patchworkBlocksFAT2005256 Fat Quarter Quilt BlocksAuthor not listed353
BLBlocksBlocksFUN2002365 fun-to stitch quilt blocksAuthor not listed1455
C-FFolk; Patchwork; AppliqueCountry / FolkCOU2000Country friends go quiltingAuthor not listed1425
C-FCountry; Folk; PatchworkCountry / FolkNAI1998Naive & country quilts25 inspirational projectsAuthor not listed855
C-FCountry; Small projects; Machine piecing; Applique; Embroidery; Seasonal patterns; ChristmasCountry / FolkQUI1998Quick-sew celebrationsdecorative creations for festive occasions from America's top designersAuthor not listed711
DEDesign; Borders; Settings; PatchworkDesign/ LayoutSEN1997Sensational sets & bordersRodale' s Successful Quilting LibraryAuthor not listed823
E-GEmbellishment; Stitches; Embroidery; Ribbon; ShearsEmbellishment - GeneralCRE2001Rodale's successful quilting libraryCreative embellishmentsAuthor not listed1342
HSeasonal patterns; Halloween;Seasonal - HolidaysHOC2003Hocus Pocus!Halloween crafts for a spooktacular holidayAuthor not listed1587
HHome; Patchwork; SeasonalSeasonal - HolidaysQUI2000Quick Creative QuiltingAuthor not listed1657
H-CChristmas; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasMER2005Merry Christmas quiltsAuthor not listed1594
H-CChristmas; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Crazy quilts; Seminole piecingSeasonal - ChristmasQUI1997Quilted for Christmas, Book IVAuthor not listed615
H-CChristmas patchwork; Applique; RedworkSeasonal - ChristmasQUI2005Quilt a Colorful ChristmasAuthor not listed1552
HMHome;Home/Gifts/Small ProjectsLIT2010Little Birds26 Handmade Projects To Sew, Stitch, Quilt & Love.Author not listed1021
HMHome; Machine piecing; Applique; Embroidery; Seasonal patterns; ChristmasHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsQUI1996Quick-sew quiltswallhangings and coordinating projects from America's top designersAuthor not listed662
HMHome; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Contemporary quiltsHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsSKI2008Skinny Quilts And Table Runners From Today's Top DesignersAuthor not listed1026
JASashiko; Japanese quilting; Small projectsJapanSAS1989Sashikotraditional Japanese quilt designsAuthor not listed1115
MDModern quilting; BlocksModern QuiltsMOD2011Modern Blocks99 Quilt Blocks From Your Favorite DesignersAuthor not listed1049
NANative American design; Women and quilting; Hawaii - Quilts; Stars; Alaska - Quilts; North Carolina - Quilts; South Dakota - Quilts; New York - Quilts; Arizona - Quilts; QuiltmakersNative AmericanTOH1997To honor and comfortnative quilting traditionsAuthor not listed1486
N-OBeginner's techniques; Butterflies; StarsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesANT2003Antique quilts recreated17 quiltsAuthor not listed1601
N-ONew quilts from old favoritesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesBAS2012BasketsNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1677
N-ONew Quilts from Old Favorites; Patchwork; Bear's PawNew Quilts from Old FavoritesBEA2001Bear's pawAuthor not listed1151
N-ONew quilts from old favoritesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesBUR2009Burgoyne SurroundedNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1762
N-OPatchwork patterns; Quilting patterns; Patchwork quilts competitions USNew Quilts from Old FavoritesDRE2006Dresden PlatesNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1646
N-ONew Quilts from old Favorites; Exhibitions - Kentucky - American Quilter's Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Quilting contests; Log cabin quilts; StarsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesEDI2002Editor's Choice: Double Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Ohio StarNew quilts from an old favoriteAuthor not listed140
N-ONew Quilts from Old Favorite; Exhibitions - Kentucky - American Quilter's Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Quilting contests; StarsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesFEA2003Feathered Starsnew quilts from an old favoriteAuthor not listed1276
N-OOld favorites; Patchwork; Beginner's techniques; AppliqueNew Quilts from Old FavoritesHEI1997Heirloom quiltsAuthor not listed827
N-OPatchwork patterns; Quilting patterns; New from TraditionalNew Quilts from Old FavoritesITS2004It's a stitch21 patchwork quilt projects with an eye on traditionAuthor not listed1630
N-OExhibitions - Kentucky - American Quilter's Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Quilting contests; Art quiltsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesMON2004Monkey wrenchnew quilts from an old favoriteAuthor not listed1629
N-ONew Quilts from old Favorites; Exhibitions - Kentucky - American Quilter's Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Quilting contests; Nine Patch?>>New Quilts from Old FavoritesNIN2015Nine PatchNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1807
N-ONew Quilts from Old Favorites; Exhibitions - Kentucky - American Quilter's Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Quilting contests; Log cabin quiltsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesPIN1998Pineapple quiltsNew quilts from an old favoriteAuthor not listed484
N-ONew quilts from Old FavoritesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesSAW2008SawtoothNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1041
N-ONew Quilts from Old Favorites; Applique; Exhibitions - Kentucky - Museum of American Quilters Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Design; Quilting contestsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesSTO2000Storm at seaNew quilts from an old favoriteAuthor not listed991
N-ONew quilts from Old FavoritesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesSUN2010SunflowerNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1036
N-ONew Quilts from Old Favorites; Exhibitions - Kentucky - American Quilter's Society; Contemporary quilts; Quiltmakers; Quilting contestsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesTUM2002Tumbling blocksNew quilts from an old favoriteAuthor not listed1242
P-LPicture quilts; Seasonal patterns; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliquePicture/Landscape QuiltsSHO2003Shoreline quiltsAuthor not listed1344
PRPrecuts; Scrap quilts;PrecutsFRE2011Fresh Fabric Treats16 Yummy Projects To Sew From Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes & More--with Your Favorite Moda Bake Shop Designers.Author not listed1745
PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsJUM2011Jump-start Your QuiltingAuthor not listed1775
P-SBlock; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Stars; Sampler quiltsPatchwork - StarsAMA2006Amazingly Simple Star QuiltsAuthor not listed1851
P-SPatchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Applique; Flowers; Setting; StarsPatchwork - StarsSTA2000Star quilts IImore of the legendary Kansas City Star's quilt patternsAuthor not listed1047
P-SCScrap quilting; Patchwork;Patchwork - ScrappyBES2002Best Of Scrap Quilting Made Easy., TheAuthor not listed481
P-SCPatchwork; Classics; ScrapPatchwork - ScrappyCRE2006Creative ScrapsQuilting With Bits & Pieces : [67 Beautiful Quilts To Enjoy]Author not listed1209
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork; SeasonalPatchwork - ScrappyLOT2008Lots Of ScrapsIt's Time To QuiltAuthor not listed412
P-SCPatchwork; Scrap quiltsPatchwork - ScrappyQUI1997Quick and easy Scrap QuiltsAuthor not listed1810
P-SCScrap quilts; Machine piecing; AppliquePatchwork - ScrappySCR1996Scrap quilts galoreAuthor not listed817
P-SCScrap quilts; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric - Care and conservationPatchwork - ScrappySCR1997Scrap quilts fast and funAuthor not listed701
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork patternsPatchwork - ScrappySCR2002Scrap quilt celebrationAuthor not listed1302
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesPatchwork - ScrappySCR2003Scrap lap quiltsAuthor not listed246
PTPatchwork; Watercolor quilts; Machine piecing; Applique; QuiltmakersPatchworkCEL1996Celebrating the quilttwenty quilts for twenty yearsAuthor not listed436
PTPatchwork; Machine piecingPatchworkCLA2005Classic quiltsby Keystone Quilters.Author not listed1549
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Bed quiltsPatchworkQUI2006Quick colorful quilts for beautiful bedsAuthor not listed548
PTPatchwork; Award winning quilters; HomePatchworkSKI2009Skinny Quilts & Table Runners II15 designs from celebrated quiltersAuthor not listed1809
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Beginner's techniquesPatchworkTHA2009That Patchwork Place Quilt Collection.Author not listed1741
PTPatchwork;PatchworkTWI2006Twisted ClassicsAuthor not listed727
PTPatchwork; Blocks; WearablesPatchworkULT2002Ultimate Collection Of Classic Quilt Blocks, TheAuthor not listed993
PTPatchwork; Seasonal patterns; ChristmasPatchworkWEE2007Weekend Quilting WondersAuthor not listed1672
Q-ARExhibitions - Ohio - Quilt National; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsART2005Art quilts; a celebration400 stunning contempory designsAuthor not listed1492
Q-ARQuilting contests; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsQUI2003Quilt National 2003the best contempory quiltsAuthor not listed1619
Q-ARContemporary quilts; U. S. - Quilts - History - 20th century; Exhibition - California - Museum of San Diego HistoryArt QuiltsVIS1996VisionsQuilt artAuthor not listed485
Q-MQuilting; Machine quilting; Wearable art; Small projects; Trapunto; AppliqueQuilting MachineEAS1996Easy machine quilting12 step-by-step lessons from the pros plus a dozen projects to machine quiltAuthor not listed613
S-GSurface techniques; Embellishment; ColoringSurface Design - GeneralEXP2002Exploring textile artsthe ultimate guide to manipulating, coloring, and embellishing fabricsAuthor not listed793
S-PSurface design; photoSurface Design - PhotoPHO2004Photo FunPrint Your Own Fabric For Quilts & CraftsAuthor not listed777
TETechniques, ReferenceTechnique including BeginnerALL2014All-in-One Quilter's Reference ToolAuthor not listed1841
TEBeginner's techniques;Technique including BeginnerBEG2010Beginner-friendly QuiltsAuthor not listed1530
TEPaper piecing; Curved piecing; Strip piecing; Design; Picture quiltsTechnique including BeginnerINN1997Innovative piecingAuthor not listed1109
TEBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecingTechnique including BeginnerQUI1996Quick quilts to make in a weekendAuthor not listed658
TEBeginner's techniques; Applique; Sewing tools and equipment; Fabric - Care and conservationTechnique including BeginnerQUI1997quilters ultimate visual guide, Thefrom A to Z--hundreds of tips and techniques for successful quiltmakingAuthor not listed390
TEBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliqueTechnique including BeginnerQUI1997weekend quilter, Thefabulous quilts to make in a weekendAuthor not listed672
TEBeginner's techniques; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Scrap quiltsTechnique including BeginnerQUI1999Quick quilts from your scrap bagAuthor not listed1015
TEBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; StarsTechnique including BeginnerQUI2002Quick and easy projects for the weekend quilter26 bright new designs for every homeAuthor not listed1346
W-BWearable art; Machine piecing; Applique; Embroidery; EmbellishmentWearables, Bags, Purses DRE1997Dressed by the BestWearable art projects by 10 well-known designersAuthor not listed468
W-BWearables; Jackets; PatchworkWearables, Bags, Purses EAS2009Easy patchwork jacketsAuthor not listed144
1-AMAmish quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Curved piecingAmishAMI1996Amishclassic American quilt collection. Amish, TheAuthor not listed576
AP-MApplique; Birds; Flowers; Wearable art; Seasonal patterns; Small projectsApplique - MachineWON1997Wonder-Under book of easy appliqueAuthor not listed719
BAChildren's quilts; Crib quilts; EmbroideryBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToROC1996Rock-a-bye baby quiltsAuthor not listed116
BLBlocks; Paper piecing; Patchwork; artists' storiesBlocksCEL2003Celebrate tradition with C & T Publishingover 70 fabulous new blocks, tips & stories from quiltings bestAuthor not listed1624
D-FFabric selection; Patchwork; Applique; Australia; ColorDesign - Fabric SelectionBRI2003Bright Quilts from Down Under13 Color-charged ProjectsAuthor not listed1789
D-FPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Seasonal patternsDesign - Fabric SelectionCRE2008Creative Quilt Collection. Volume 3.Author not listed1736
D-FFabric selection; Patchwork patterns; Machine quiltingDesign - Fabric SelectionEYE2012Eye-catching Quilts16 Designs From The Experts At Quiltmaker Magazine.Author not listed1716
D-FPatchwork; 1930's quilts; Depression-era quiltsDesign - Fabric SelectionFAB1999Fabulous feedsack quiltsa pattern bookAuthor not listed1003
E-GSewing supplies and equipment; Embellishment; Machine embroidery; Wearable art; Small projectsEmbellishment - GeneralALL2004All about machine artsdecorative techniques from A to ZAuthor not listed1510
HSeasonal; PatchworkSeasonal - HolidaysCEL2001Celebrate the season with quiltsAuthor not listed1523
H-CChristmas; Machine piecing; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasCHR2001Christmas at That Patchwork Place.Author not listed1134
H-CChristmas; Stars; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; EmbellishmentSeasonal - ChristmasFAV1999Favorite Christmas quilts from That Patchwork Place.From That Patchwork PlaceAuthor not listed1205
H-CChristmas; Miniature; Patchwork; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasFAV2001Favorite little christmas quiltsAuthor not listed1198
HMHome; Small projects; Fabric manipulation; Embellishment; Embroidery; AppliqueHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsWHE2004When quilt designers think smallinnovative quilt designs to wear, give, or decorate your home.Author not listed1460
N-OOld Favorite; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Curved piecing; AppliqueNew Quilts from Old FavoritesFAB2003Fabulous Quilts From Favorite PatternsFrom Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.Author not listed816
N-ONew Quilts from Traditional; Mariner's Compass templatesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesMAR1997Mariner's compass quiltsAuthor not listed601
N-ONew Quilts from Traditional; Ohio starNew Quilts from Old FavoritesOHI1996Ohio star quiltsAuthor not listed556
N-ONew quilts from old favoritesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesRED2011Red, White, And Sometimes BlueClassics From McCall's Quilting.Author not listed714
N-OApplique; Flowers; Award winning quilters;New Quilts from Old FavoritesROS2007Rose Of SharonNew Quilts From An Old FavoriteAuthor not listed1686
PPPaper piecing; Foundation piecePaper PiecingFOU2002Foundation pieced nature quiltsAuthor not listed1324
PPPaper piecing; Flowers; Log cabin quilts; Picture quiltsPaper PiecingPAP2001Paper piecing picnicfun-filled projects for every quilterAuthor not listed1255
PPPaper piecing; Birds; AppliquePaper PiecingPAP2003Paper piecing potpourrifun-filled projects for every quilterAuthor not listed1293
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork;Patchwork - ScrappyBIG2005Big book of scrap quiltsAuthor not listed1472
P-SCPatchwork; Scrap quilts; AppliquePatchwork - ScrappyWAR2003Warmth & wisdomlegacy of scrap quiltsAuthor not listed1402
PTPatchwork; Applique; QuiltingPatchworkBES2002Best loved timeless quilts15th anniversary limited editionAuthor not listed1369
PTSeasonal;PatchworkBES2012Best Wall Quilts From McCall's QuiltingEasy Patterns For Year-round Decorating.Author not listed1729
PTPatchworkPatchworkBET2005Better Home and Gardensour best quiltsAuthor not listed1514
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Paper piecing; Stained glass quilting; EmbellishmentPatchworkCLA1996Class-act quilts18 eclectic quilts by teachers and their studentsAuthor not listed644
PTPatchwork; Quiltmakers; Award winningPatchworkDES2003Designers and their quiltsAuthor not listed1506
PTPatchwork;PatchworkFAS2010Fast Favorites From McCall's Quilting.Author not listed1372
PTPatchworkPatchworkQUI2002Quilt-lovers' Favorites from Better Homes and GardensVolume 2Author not listed1785
PTPatchwork; Scrap quiltsPatchworkQUI2003The quilted homeLeisure Arts presents the best of Fons & Porter's For the Love of QuiltingAuthor not listed1540
PTPatchworkPatchworkQUI2004Quilt-lovers' Favorites from Better Homes and GardensVolume 4Author not listed1651
PTPatchwork;PatchworkSUR2006Surprisingly simple quiltsfrom Australian Patchwork & Quilting MagazineAuthor not listed1611
PT-FPatchwork; Flowers; Stained glass quilting; Applique; Beginner's techniques; Machine piecingPatchwork - Pieced FlowersPOT2002Potting shed patchwork14 quilted projects fresh from the gardenAuthor not listed1439
Q-ARArt quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsFIN1997Fine art quiltswork by artists of the Contemporary QuiltArt AssociationAuthor not listed736
Q-ARContemporary quilts; U. S. - Quilts - History - 20th century; Exhibition - California - Museum of San Diego HistoryArt QuiltsVIS1998Visionsquilt expressionsAuthor not listed1345
Q-DQuilting; Quilting DesignQuilting DesignsCHO2001Choosing Quilting DesignsAuthor not listed1103
TEBeginner's techniques; PatchworkTechnique including BeginnerEAS2012Easy Quilts For Beginners And Beyond14 Quilt Patterns From Quiltmaker Magazine.Author not listed1160
BAChildren's quilts;Baby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToAZE2005Action Karate QuiltsAzeez, Kathy247
D-FFabric selection; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliqueDesign - Fabric SelectionBAC2004Mad about plaidquilts from classic fabricsBacon, Debbie1442
HSeasonal; Beginner's techniques; Small projects; Paper piecing; Machine applique; Strip piecingSeasonal - HolidaysBAK2004Quilt the seasons24 projects to build your skillsBaker, Barbara K.1449
S-GSurface design; Small projects; Curved piecingSurface Design - GeneralBAK2005Sun-kissed quilts & craftscreate original designs on fabric, paper & moreBaker, Barbara K.357
F-MFlowers; Surface manipulations; Three dimensionalFabric ManipulationBAK2008More Fabulous FlowersMini-quilts In Dimensional AppliquéBaker, Sharon K., 1958-1685
STRStrip quilts; Patchwork patterns; Quilting designsString PiecedBAK2005Strip-pieced quiltseasy designs from just six fabricsBakker, Maaike, 1958-1635
BRGBargelloBargelloBAL2008Bargello Quilts With A TwistBall, Maggie.1780
N-OOld Favorite; Patchwork; Small projects; Beginner's techniques; Machine piecing; Borders; Setting; Sampler quiltsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesBAL2006Traditional Quilts With A TwistBall, Maggie.1206
MDModern; Design; Large scale printsModern QuiltsBAL2011Maverick QuiltsUsing Large-scale Prints, Novelty Fabrics & Panels With PanacheBallard, Alethea, 1964-863
CLPatchwork; Bed quilts; Two colorColorBAN2004Two-color QuiltsBanker, Susan M.818
E-REmbroidery; Quilt historyEmbellishment RedworkBAR1996Historical penny squaresembroidery patternsBaranowski, Willa569
CRVPaper piecing; Curved piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Mariner's compass; StarsCurvesBAR2004Foolproof curvesquilts with bias strips & continous paper piecingBarber, Barbara1450
APApplique; Trapunto; QuiltingAppliqueBAR1997Broderie Persethe elegant quiltBarber, Barbara W.619
HMHome;Home/Gifts/Small ProjectsBAR2008New Handmade, TheSimple Sewing For Contemporary StyleBarden, Cassie, 1979-511
HMHome; Modern; PatchworkHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsBAR2011Everyday Handmade22 Practical Projects For The Modern SewistBarden, Cassie, 1979-1693
S-GSurface design; Felting; Felt workSurface Design - GeneralBAR2006Indygo Junction's needle felting22 stylish projects for home & fashionBarickman, Amy731
D-FFabric selection; Patchwork; AppliqueDesign - Fabric SelectionBAR2003QuiltscapesBarker, Rebecca1520
TECurves;Technique including BeginnerBAR2007Blendable CurvesStack, Slice & Sew Unique Quilts In A WeekendBarkle, Peggy J., 1959-641
CLColor; Fabric selection; QuiltmakersColorBAR1997Colorthe quilter's guideBarnes, Christine.646
P-RTPatchwork; Rectangles;Patchwork - Rectangles, Squares; 9 patch; 4 patchBAR2010Spectacular Rectangles12 Quilts From A Simple ShapeBartos, Ilene, 1953-1364
P-TRPatchwork; Maple Leaf; Small ProjectsPatchwork - TrianglesBAR2008Maple Leaf Quilts12 Projects, 9 Triangle TechniquesBartos, Ilene, 1953-355
APApplique; Wool and cotton quilts; Small projectsAppliqueBAT2012Elegant Quilts, Country CharmApplique Designs in Cotton and WoolBateman, Leonie1797
TETechniques, ThreadTechnique including BeginnerBAT2010ThreadsThe basics & beyondBates, Debbie1840
MDModern quilts; Patchwork patternsModern QuiltsBAR2010Modern Log Cabin Quilting25 Simple Quilts And Patchwork Projects For SewistsBeal, Susan.670
PTPatchwork patterns;PatchworkBEC2002Best of the best quiltsBeck, Leslie1458
BAApplique; Small projects; Patchwork; Crib quilts; Machine piecingBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToBEC1999Quilted Nursery, TheMore Than 50 Coordinated Projects For BabyBeck, Leslie, 1946-704
P-LContemporary quilts; Picture quilts; Landscapequilts; Design; Machine embroidery; Fabric - Surface imprinting; EmbellishmentPicture/Landscape QuiltsBEC2006Beautifully embellished landscapes125 tips & techniques to create stunning quiltsBecker, Joyce R.228
P-LPicture quilts; LandscapePicture/Landscape QuiltsBEC2011Quick Little Landscape Quilts24 Easy Techniques To Create A MasterpieceBecker, Joyce R.1752
STApplique; Seasonal patterns; Flowers; EmbellishmentStain GlassBEE1999Fabric mosaicsBeesley, Terrece.857
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E-REmbellishment; EmbroideryEmbellishment RedworkCAU1999Learn to do RedworkCausee, Linda938
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PAPatriotic quilts; Paper piecing; StarsPatrioticCAU2001Patchwork for patriotsCausee, Linda192
PPPaper piecing; musicPaper PiecingCAU200224 musical quilt blocksfull-size patterns for foundation piecingCausee, Linda1419
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PPPaper piecing; FlowersPaper PiecingCAU200524 Flower Quilt BlocksCausee, Linda163
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TETechniques; Fabric collage; quiltingTechnique including BeginnerCAU2009Freezer Paper QuiltingCausee, Linda1751
BLPatchwork; BlocksBlocksCAU2004400 Quilt Blocks To Sew In 20 Minutes Or LessCausee, Linda.1220
H-CChristmas; Paper piecing;Seasonal - ChristmasCAU200224 Angel Quilt BlocksCausee, Linda.645
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PPPaper piecing; Log cabin quilts; Flowers; Stained glass quiltingPaper PiecingCAU2000101 log cabin flowersCausee, Linda.994
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A-BApplique, BugApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsCHR2002Ladybug, ladybug...Christopherson, Teri1305
C-FSmall projects; Applique; Flowers; Wearable artCountry / FolkCHR1999Patches and posiesChristopherson, Teri808
D-FPatchwork; Fabric selection; Machine piecingDesign - Fabric SelectionCHR2003Mad about plaidChristopherson, Teri1370
PTPatchwork; Applique; Flowers; Machine piecing; Log cabin quiltsPatchworkCHR2002Days to rememberChristopherson, Teri1169
BRLabels; Fabric - Surface imprintingBorders, Finishes & LabelsCLA1998The Ultimate Book of Quilt LabelsClabo, Margo J.703
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TETechniques; MitersTechnique including BeginnerCLE2009Marvelous Miterslearn this simple technique to miter borders on blocks and quiltsCleveland, Susan K.1184
E-REmbellishment; Embroidery; RedworkEmbellishment RedworkCOA2003Great Grandmother Ives' RedworkCoakley, Linda Halsey393
HMHome; PatchworkHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsCOL2009I [heart] Patchwork21 Irresistible Zakka Projects To SewColeman-Hale, Rashida.1137
HMHome; Patchwork; Japanese styleHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsCOL2011Zakka Style24 Projects Stitched With Ease To Give, Use & EnjoyColeman-Hale, Rashida.964
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DEOptical illusions; Design; Visual perceptionDesign/ LayoutCOM1997Optical illusions for quiltersCombs, Karen.669
PPDesign; Paper piecing; Settings; Flowers; Machine piecingPaper PiecingCOM2003Floral illusions for quiltersCombs, Karen.1360
C-FFolk; Home; AppliqueCountry / FolkCON2002WoolgatheringConway, Jackie1399
PTPatchwork; Applique; Machine piecing; Children's quiltsPatchworkCOV2002Celebrations!quilts for cherished family momentsCovey, Mary M.1503
S-GSurface design - techniquesSurface Design - GeneralCOZ2010Mixed Media and Colorfabrics quilts canvas papersCozen, Chris1744
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PTPatchwork;PatchworkCRI2007Double-Dippin QuiltsCribbs, Tricia682
PTPatchwork; SashingPatchworkCRI2008Turning Twenty 5simply sashedCribbs, Tricia622
P-LPicture quilts; Embellishment; Machine embroidery; Fabric selection; LandscapePicture/Landscape QuiltsCRO2000Fabric landscapes by machineCrone, Linda.1085
PPPaper piecing; Fabric selection; Contemporary quiltsPaper PiecingCRO2006Black & white quilts by designCross, Kay M. Capps1607
DEPatchwork; Black in art; White in art; AppliqueDesign/ LayoutCRO2008Black & White Garden, ACross, Kay M. Capps.878
PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsCRO2007CharmedA Fresh Twist On Charm QuiltsCrowell, Jodi, 1972-593
Q-DQuilting; Machine quiltingQuilting DesignsCRU2002fine line, Atechniques and inspirations for creating the quilting designCrust, Melody.1307
DEDesign; Fabric - Dyes and dyeing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Contemporary quiltsDesign/ LayoutCUM2004Thinking outside of the blockstep by step to dynamic quiltsCummings, Sandi1451
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RRApplique; Flowers; Biblical; ReligiousReligious RelatedCUR2003Flowers Of The BibleCurtis, Helga.1696
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S-GFabric - Dyes and dyeing; Surface designSurface Design - GeneralDAH1997Transforming fabriccolor on fabric and lifeDahl, Carolyn A.673
S-GArt quilt; Fabric - surface designSurface Design - GeneralDAI2009Bold And BeautifulDains, Judi.373
DEDesign; Curved piecingDesign/ LayoutDAL1998Curves in motionquilt designs & techniquesDales, Judy B., 1945-792
A-SMApplique; Beginner's techniques; Embroidery; Flowers; BirdsApplique - SamplerDAN2002101 applique blocksDaniel, Nancy Brenan1475
TEMachine piecing; Scrap quilts; Beginner's techniquesTechnique including BeginnerDAN2004Slice 'em & dice 'em quiltsDaniel, Nancy Brenan1539
PTPatchwork; AppliquePatchworkDAN2008Art Of The Handmade Quilt, TheDaniel, Nancy Brenan.1211
HIHawaiian quilting; AppliqueHawaiian QuiltsDAV2004Perfect PointsContemporary Hawaiian AppliqueDavies, Maggie1332
S-GSurface design; Embellishing; Collage; Stamping; ThreadworkSurface Design - GeneralDAV2007Art Quilt WorkbookExcercises & Techniques to Ignite Your CreativityDavila, Jane1869
NANative American design; Quiltmakers; Arizona - Quilts; New Mexico - QuiltsNative AmericanDAV1997Hopi QuiltingStitched traditions from an ancient communityDavis, Carolyn O'Bagy.387
Q-AZIndividual artist; Historic quilt; Native AmericanQuilts AizonaDAV2012Desert TraderThe Life and Quilts of Goldie Tracy RichmondDavis, Carolyn O'Bagy.1702
C-FCountry; Patchwork; Applique; HomeCountry / FolkDAV2006Quilting With Jodie In Cotton CountryDavis, Jodie, 1959-277
H-CChristmas; Embellishment; Paper piecingSeasonal - ChristmasDAV2000Paper piece a Merry ChristmasDavis, Jodie, 1959-1133
PPPaper piecing; Flowers; Birds;Paper PiecingDAV2001Paper piece a flower gardenblocks and projects to mix and matchDavis, Jodie, 1959-125
PPPaper piecing; Birds; Beginner's techniquesPaper PiecingDAV2001Paper-pieced bed quiltsDavis, Jodie, 1959-1186
JAJapanese quilting; Japanese ; HomeJapanDAV2009Easy Japanese Quilt Style10 stylish but simple projects inspired by Japanese fabricDavis, Julia1734
Q-DQuilting; Free motion designsQuilting DesignsDAY2016365 Free Motion Quilting DesignsDay, Leah1867
TEQuilt history; Fabric - Care and conservationTechnique including BeginnerDEK2000Silk quiltsfrom the silk road to the quilter's studioDe Koning-Stapel, Hanne Vibeke.970
HMHome; Children's quilts; Small projectsHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsDEB2007Cool Girls QuiltMore Than 15 Fresh, Fun, And Funky ProjectsDeBono, Linda Lum 1385
C-FCountry; Applique; Flowers; WearablesCountry / FolkDEG2001Out the back doorDegenkolb, Terri1108
S-DFabric - Dyes and dyeingSurface Design - DyeingDEI2001Dyeing in Plastic BagsDeighan, Helen278
S-DFabric - Dyes and dyeingSurface Design - DyeingDEI2003Magic dyeing made easyDeighan, Helen1426
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersDEL2009Pots de FleursA garden of Applique TechniquesDelaney, Kathy370
A-GRApplique; Fruits; Garden themedApplique - GardenDEL2004Horn of Plenty for a new centuryDelaney, Kathy1644
N-OAward winning quilts; New quilts from traditional patternsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesDEL2005Patterns of Historythe challenge winners, 23 quilt designs inspired by our pastDelaney, Kathy1670
A-BFolk; Machine applique; Machine quialtingApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsDEP2006Garden whimsy appliqueDepre, Mickey1593
HXEnglish paper piecingHexies ; English Paper PiecingDEP2012Pieced HexiesA New Tradition In English Paper PiecingDepre, Mickey.1765
HSeasonal patterns; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; Applique; FlowersSeasonal - HolidaysDER2003Four seasons of quiltsgarden-inspired quiltsDerksen, Cori1420
PPPaper piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecingPaper PiecingDER2003Traditional quilts to paper piece14 small projectsDerksen, Cori, 1973-1335
TEBeginner's technique; PatchworkTechnique including BeginnerDEW2006One stitch quiltingthe basicsDewberry, Donna S.567
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N-OPatchwork; New quilt from old traditionNew Quilts from Old FavoritesDIC2005Grapefruit Juice and Sugarbold quilts inspired by grandmother's legacyDick, Jenifer748
MDApplique; ModernModern QuiltsDIC2013Modern Appliqué Workbook, TheEasy Invisible Zigzag Method--11 Quilts To Round Out Your SkillsDick, Jenifer.1380
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C-FCountry; Beginner's techniques; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingCountry / FolkDIE2004Simple blessings14 quilts to grace your homeDiehl, Kim1512
C-FFolk; Beginner's techniques; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingCountry / FolkDIE2006Simple Traditions14 Quilts To Warm Your HomeDiehl, Kim, 1959-1698
C-FCountry; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Small projectsCountry / FolkDIE2009Simple Comforts12 Cozy Lap QuiltsDiehl, Kim, 1959-516
C-FFolk; PAtchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Beginner's techniquesCountry / FolkDIE2012Simple Charm12 Scrappy Patchwork And Appliqué Quilt PatternsDiehl, Kim, 1959-1684
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BRBinding; BordersBorders, Finishes & LabelsDIE2003Happy endingsrevised editionDietrich, Mimi1371
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APAppliqueAppliqueDIE2007Mimi Dietrich's Favorite Appliqué QuiltsDietrich, Mimi.1774
C-FFolk; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Recipes; Beginner's techniquesCountry / FolkDIE2003Bed and breakfast quiltswith rise and shine recipesDietrich, Mimi.1339
PTPatchwork; Fabric selectionPatchworkDIS2003Clever Quilts EncoreDissmore, Susan Teegarden1386
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FQFat quarters; Fabric selection; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecingFat QuartersDIS2006Clever Quarters, TooMore Quilts From Fat QuartersDissmore, Susan Teegarden, 1957-1273
PTSampler quilts; Patchwork; Setting; Beginner's techniques; Machine piecingPatchworkDIS2006Better by the dozen12 blocks, 12 quilts, endless possibilitiesDissmore, Susan Teegarden, 1957-1581
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PPPaper piecingPaper PiecingDOA2004300 paper-pieced quilts blocksDoak, Carol1459
PPPaper piecing; Stars; Sampler quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecingPaper PiecingDOA2005Carol Doak's simple sensational 9-patch starsmix & match units to create a galley of paper-pieced starsDoak, Carol1522
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PPPaper piecing; Stars; Flowers; Scrap quilts; Fabric selectionPaper PiecingDOA1999Easy stash quiltsDoak, Carol.874
PPPaper piecing; Stars; Flowers; Fabric selectionPaper PiecingDOA200240 bright & bold paper-pieced blocks12-inch designsDoak, Carol.1269
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E-GEmbellishment; Christmas;Embellishment - GeneralDOB2003Dimensional QuiltsDobbs, Phyllis M.787
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A-FLApplique; Flowers; Hearts; Sampler quiltsApplique - FlowersDOC2008Appliqué Masterpiece Series. Hearts And TulipsDocherty, Margaret.826
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STStained glass quilting; Applique; Flowers; Seasonal patternsStain GlassDOW2003Calendar quilt in stained glassDowney, Connie1248
HMHome; Patchwork; Embrodery; Needlepunch; appliqueHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsDOW2011Hatched and Patched's Some Kind of WonderfulDowns, Anni987
S-GSurface design - techniquesSurface Design - GeneralDRU2011The Printed Patterntechniques and projects for inspired printmaking and surface designDrury, Rebecca1767
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TEFan quilts; Applique; Flowers; Sampler quiltsTechnique including BeginnerDUN2003Fantastic fansexquisite quilts & other projectsDunsdon, Alice1599
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APApplique; Wool quilts; Small projectsAppliqueEAT2002Blossoms in winter14 designs in wool-felt appliquéEaton, Patti.1259
E-GEmbellishment; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projectsEmbellishment - GeneralEAT2005Summertime QuiltsFresh Designs In ChenilleEaton, Patti.421
S-GSurface design; Small projects; Flowers; BirdsSurface Design - GeneralECK2000Fabric paintinga simple approachEckley, Ginny, 1955-1017
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DEDesign; Three dimensional design; Beginner's techniques; Visual perceptionDesign/ LayoutEDD2004Quilting illusionscreate over 40 eye-fooling quiltsEddy, Celia1427
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PTSampler quilts; Patchwork patterns; AppliquePatchworkEDW2000Lynne Edwards' New Sampler Quilt Book.Edwards, Lynne, 1943-892
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E-BEmbellishmentEmbellishment - BeadsEHA2009Bead Creative Like Crazybeading inspired by crazy quiltsEha, Nancy.1770
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P-LPicture quilts; Design; LandscapePicture/Landscape QuiltsEND2010Confetti NaturescapesQuilting Impressionist LandscapesEnd¯o, Noriko, 1940-864
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Birds; QuiltingApplique - FlowersENG2008Bodacious Appliqué La CarteEngel, Margie.2
S-GSurface techiques; Patchwork patternsSurface Design - GeneralENG2011Some Assembly RequiredMixed Technique QuiltsEngel, Margie.1675
HMHome;Home/Gifts/Small ProjectsENG2003Quilted comforts for the homeEngelbreit, Mary1436
P-LPicture quilts; Landscape; Paper piecing; Fabric manipulationPicture/Landscape QuiltsENG2002Picture piecingcreating dramatic pictorial quiltsEngland, Cynthia1270
RRBible blocks; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingReligious RelatedENG2004Graceful journeymore classic quilts inspired by the bibleEngland, Kaye1467
MNMiniature piecing; Crazy quilts; Paper piecingMiniature QuiltsENR1997Tiny treasuresEnright, Virginia770
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C-FSampler quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecingCountry / FolkETH1999Quilts from Aunt AmyEtherington, Mary Tendall, 1948-898
E-GMachine embroidery; Embellishment; FlowersEmbellishment - GeneralFAH2005Coloring with threada no-drawing approach to free-motion embroideryFahl, Ann1504
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D-KSmall projects; Machine piecing; StarsKaffe Fasset DesignsFAS1999Westminister: Patchwork and quilting book number 1thirteen designFassett, Kaffe1404
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D-KColor; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesKaffe Fasset DesignsFAS2004Kaffee Fassett's caravan of quiltsFassett, Kaffe1421
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D-KColor; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesKaffe Fasset DesignsFAS2006Kaffe Fassett's Kaleidoscope Of QuiltsFassett, Kaffe.1166
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D-KKaffe; Patchwork; ColorKaffe Fasset DesignsFAS2012Kaffe Quilts Again20 Favorite Quilts From Rowan In New Colourways.Fassett, Kaffe.1187
S-GSurface techiques; Patchwork patterns; Strip piecing; Hand weavingSurface Design - GeneralFAU2008Simply Stunning Woven Quilts11 Easy Techniques, Great ResultsFaustino, Anna, 1955-455
E-GEmbellishmentEmbellishment - GeneralFEH2009Quilting Your StyleMake-it-unique Embellishing TechniquesFehr, Leah, 1980-395
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P-SCScrap quilts; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingPatchwork - ScrappyFER2001Out of the cupboard and onto the bedFerrier, Beth1214
AP-MMachine appliqueApplique - MachineFER2009More! Hand Appliqué By Machine9 Quilt Projects, Updated Techniques, Needle-turn Results Without HandworkFerrier, Beth.1778
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E-GSmall projects; Embellishment; Embroidery; Applique; Fabric - Surface imprintingEmbellishment - GeneralFIN2007Embellished Mini-quiltsFingal, Jamie, 1953-1663
Q-ARArt Quilts; Award winning artists; SAQUAArt QuiltsFIN2005Fabric Art Gallery43 art quilts by 32 award-winning artistsFinwall, Barbara231
DEDesign; Patchwork;Design/ LayoutFIS2012Easy Grid QuiltsFisher, Karen G.1172
MDModern, Design, TechniqueModern QuiltsFIT2016Bricks, Cobblestones, and PebblesA Path to Modern QuiltsFitzgerald, Gyleen1829
N-ONew quilts from old favorites ; Repurposing old quiltsNew Quilts from Old FavoritesFIT2008Quilts: Unfinished Stories with New EndingsFitzgerald, Gyleen1830
TEPineapple, TechniquesTechnique including BeginnerFIT2010Trash to TreasurePineapple QuiltsFitzgerald, Gyleen1828
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HIHawaiian quilting; AppliqueHawaiian QuiltsFLE2003Hawaiian appliquéFleming, Vicky.1373
HSeasonal patterns; Applique; Small projects; Paper piecingSeasonal - HolidaysFLE2002quilter's home, ThefallFletcher, Lois Krushina, 1954-30
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FQFat quartersFat QuartersFON2000Fat quarter friendlyfrom Fons and Porter's For the love of quilting magazine.Fons, Marianne.1123
HSeasonal patterns; Children's quilts; Beginner's techniques; AppliqueSeasonal - HolidaysFON2000Our best seasonal quiltsfrom Fons and Porter's for the love of quilting magazine.Fons, Marianne.1061
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PTPatchwork; Machine piecingPatchworkFOW2004Bennie Harper's quilt albuma scrapbook of quilt projects, photos and never-before-told storiesFowler, Erlene1493
Q-DQuilting;Quilting DesignsFRA2007Quilt As Desired[your Guide To Straight-line And Free-motion Quilting]Frable, Charlene C.1656
S-GSurface design; FlowersSurface Design - GeneralFRI2000Flower poundingquilt projects for all agesFrischkorn, Ann, 1961-1197
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Q-DMachine quilting; Quilting designsQuilting DesignsFRI2008Mindful Meandering132 Original Continuous-line Quilting DesignsFritz, Laura Lee.572
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Q-AZArizona - Quilts; Documentation; Arizona ArtistsQuilts AizonaFRO1992Grand Endeavorsvintage Arizona quilts and their makersFrost, Helen Young195
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MNMiniature quilts; Patchwork;Miniature QuiltsGAD2002Creative miniature quiltsGadd, Kerry, 1950-570
PT-LLog cabin quilts; Design; Color; Machine piecingPatchwork - Log CabinGAD1999Beyond log cabinGadd, Kerry, 1950-926
APApplique;AppliqueGAN1996AppliquéGanderton, Lucinda.146
DEDesign; Paper piecing; Contemporary quilts; Picture quiltsDesign/ LayoutGAR2010Flying ColorsDesign Quilts With Freeform Shapes & Flying GeeseGarber, Gail.327
P-SStars; Paper piecing; Pattern draftingPatchwork - StarsGAR2001Stellar JourneysFlying Geese & Star QuiltsGarber, Gail.1178
APApplique; Delft designsAppliqueGAR2004Dutch Treat196 Appliqué Blocks Inspired By Delft DesignsGarden, Judy.838
TEBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; DesignTechnique including BeginnerGAR2015You Can Quilt!Building Skills for BeginnersGardunia, Leila1806
S-GSurface design; Flowers; Basket quilts; Quilt historySurface Design - GeneralGAR2002American Stenciled Quiltsnew projects trom traditional techniquesGarnas, Vickie1279
Q-MMachine quilting; Design; Sewing supplies and equipmentQuilting MachineGAU2002Guide to machine quiltingGaudynski, Diane.1340
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APApplique; Wool; Flowers; NatureAppliqueGIB2010Pennies From HeavenCelebrated Quilt And Companion ProjectsGibbons, Gretchen.1274
BRGBargello; Strip piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; DesignBargelloGIB2009Bits Of BargelloGibbs, Karen, 1966-442
TEBeginner's techniques; Machine piecingTechnique including BeginnerGIE1996Press for successsecrets for precise and speedy quiltmakingGiesbrecht, Myrna428
DEDesign; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsDesign/ LayoutGIL2011Create Your Own Free-form QuiltsA Stress-free Journey To Original DesignGillman, Rayna, 1941-1705
S-GSurface design; Stamping; Stencils; Screen printingSurface Design - GeneralGIL2008Create Your Own Hand-printed ClothStamp, Screen & Stencil With Everyday ObjectsGillman, Rayna, 1941-16
N-OOld favorites; Strip piecing; Fabric selection; Beginner's techniques; Paper piecingNew Quilts from Old FavoritesGLA1997Variegreat!new dimensions in traditional quiltsGlantz, Linda.674
PT-LLog cabin quilts; Picture quiltsPatchwork - Log CabinGLO2003new look at log cabin quilts, Adesign a scene block by block plus 9 easy-to-follow projectsGlover, Flavin.1347
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Patchwork; Machine piecingApplique - FlowersGOL1998Stars in the garden:Fresh flowers in appliqueGoldsmith, Barbara.750
A-FLApplique; Beginner's techniques; Sampler quiltsApplique - FlowersGOL1998The applique handbookGoldsmith, Becky852
APAppliqueAppliqueGOL2005Teach yourself to applique the Piece O'Cake wayGoldsmith, Becky1559
A-SMApplique; Flowers; Sampler quilts; Fabric selectionApplique - SamplerGOL2005The New applique samplerlearn to applique the Pieco o' Cake wayGoldsmith, Becky1513
CLColor; Design; Fabric selection; Beginner techniquesColorGOL2015Quilter's Practical Guide to ColorGoldsmith, Becky1836
HSeasonal; Applique; Beginner's techniques; FlowersSeasonal - HolidaysGOL2001Once upon a seasonGoldsmith, Becky1122
1-AMAmish; Applique; Flowers; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selectionAmishGOL2006Amish-inspired QuiltsTradition With A Piece O' Cake TwistGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-446
APApplique;AppliqueGOL2009Appliqué Outside The Lines With Piece O' Cake DesignsNo Rules-no RulerGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-872
A-SMApplique; Flowers; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selection; Sampler quiltsApplique - SamplerGOL2004Applique delights100 irresistible blocks from Piece O'Cake DesignsGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-1547
A-SMApplique; SamplerApplique - SamplerGOL2013Best-ever Appliqué Sampler From Piece O' Cake Designs, The5 Projects, 9 Blocks To Mix, Match & CombineGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-1776
BAApplique; Children's quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selection; Animals; Picture quilts; Small projectsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToGOL2006Covered With LoveKids' Quilts & More From Piece O' Cake DesignsGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-1647
C-FApplique; Flowers; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selectionCountry / FolkGOL2002Contemporary Classics In Plaids & Stripes9 Projects From Piece 'O Cake DesignsGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-1310
CRVApplique; Flowers; Paper piecing; Machine piecingCurvesGOL2005Quilts With A Spin7 New Projects From Piece O'Cake DesignsGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-656
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MDApplique; Modern quiltsModern QuiltsGOL2012Appliqué With Attitude From Piece O' Cake Designs10 Projects Featuring Big, Bold StitchesGoldsmith, Becky, 1956-1155
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HSeasonal; Applique; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecingSeasonal - HolidaysGOL2001Holiday collage quiltsGoldstein, Joanne1135
APApplique; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecingAppliqueGOL1999Fabric collage quiltsusing creative appliqué and embellishmentsGoldstein, Joanne, 1952-899
C-FFolk Art; Applique; Patchwork;Country / FolkGOR2007American Folk Art QuiltsGordon, Maggi McCormick.579
TEBeginner's techniques; Quilt historyTechnique including BeginnerGOR1999ultimate quilting book, Theover 1,000 inspirational ideas and practical tipsGordon, Maggi McCormick.972
H-CChristmas; Applique; CraftsSeasonal - ChristmasGOU1997Simply Christmascraft projects for the season of givingGourley, Miriam, 1951-499
TETechnique; TrapuntoTechnique including BeginnerGRA2012Shadow Trapunto QuiltsSimple Steps, Remarkable Results--30 Elegant ProjectsGrama, Geta, 1968-1362
PPPaper piecing; Medallion Quilts; CirclePaper PiecingGRA2011Circle QuiltsCreate Dramatic Medallions From Strip-pieced RingsGranger, Colleen.1747
APAppliqueAppliqueGRE2011Give & Take Fabric AppliqueGreig, Daphne 1396
STStained glass quiltingStain GlassGRE2008Simple Stained Glass QuiltsGreig, Daphne.1761
S-GSurface design; Labels; Small projectsSurface Design - GeneralGRI2007Print Your Own FabricCreate Unique Designs Using An Inkjet PrinterGriepentrog, Linda Turner.1246
TEPatchwork; String piecing; SelvageTechnique including BeginnerGRI2008Quilts From The Selvage EdgeGriska, Karen.888
D-FFabric selection; Patchwork patterns; Machine quiltingDesign - Fabric SelectionGRO2007Sew Fun, So Colorful QuiltsFrom Me And My Sister DesignsGroves, Barbara.305
PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsGRO2009Four-patch FrolicQuilts From 5" And 10" SquaresGroves, Barbara.227
P-SCPatchwork; Scrap quilts; Stars; SamplerPatchwork - ScrappyGUE2007Scrap Quilt SensationsGuerrier, Katharine.363
MNMiniature quilts; Applique; Machine piecing; Paper piecing; Children's quilts; Small projectsMiniature QuiltsGUE1998Little book of little quiltsGuerrier, Katherine1476
TEDesign; Quiltmakers; Contemporary quilts; Art quilts; Three dimensional design; Embellishment; Fabric - Surface imprinting; Fabric manipulation; AppliqueTechnique including BeginnerGUE2000Quilting masterclassinspiration and techniques from the expertsGuerrier, Katherine1030
TEBeginner's techniques; EncyclopediaTechnique including BeginnerGUE2002The encyclopedia of quilting & patchwork techniquesGuerrier, Katherine417
DEDesign; Optical illlusionDesign/ LayoutGUL20043-D ExplosionSimply Fabulous Art Quilt IllusionsGulati, Cara.803
CRVPatchwork; Circles;CurvesHAD2010Amazing Ways to Use Circles & RaysHaddadin, Renae1848
PTPatchwork; Hexies; Scrap quiltsPatchworkHAE2006QuiltHaeff, Ruth van.1201
S-GSurface design; Art quilts; Small quiltsSurface Design - GeneralHAG2008Creating with FabricHaglund, Jill1005
CRCrazy quilts; Patchwork;Crazy QuiltsHAI1998Crazy patchworkHaigh, Janet762
JAJapanese quilting; Fabric selection; Fabric - Surface imprinting; Embroidery; Applique; DesignJapanHAI2000Japanese inspirations18 quilted projectsHaigh, Janet.1040
W-BWearables; Bags; PatchworkWearables, Bags, Purses HAL2010Lunch Bags!25 Handmade Sacks & Wraps To Sew TodayHaley, Ann.1143
BRBorders; Paper piecing; Machine piecing; DesignBorders, Finishes & LabelsHALL2002Foundation bordersHall & HaywoodHall, Jane, 1932-1271
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CRVCurvesCurvesKEL2008Quiltastic CurvesKelly, Tammy.39
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PTQuilting - patterns; Patchwork - patterns; Lap sized quiltsPatchworkKOV2002Snuggle Up8 Laps Quilts To Warm Your HomeKovich, Beth Merrill, 1967-502
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S-PPhotos; Surface design; Flowers; Picture quiltsSurface Design - PhotoKRA2004Blending photos with fabrica beautiful new way of combining photography, printing and quiltingmakingKranz, Mary Ellen1478
S-PSurface design; Flowers; Picture quiltsSurface Design - PhotoKRA2008Blending Photos with Fabric 2more great ideas to combine photography, printing and quiltmakingKranz, Mary Ellen558
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C-FPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Yo-yo quiltsCountry / FolkKRU2003The quilted cottageKrush, Pearl Louise.1560
E-REmbroidery; Redwork;Embellishment RedworkKRU2010RedworkWinter TwitteringsKrush, Pearl Louise.1875
Q-THPatchwork; Applique; Sports themed;Quilts - ThemedKRU2005Quilting For The Men In Your LifeKrush, Pearl Louise.1210
S-GFabric surface design;Surface Design - GeneralKYG2012Creative Quilts From Your Crayon BoxMelt-n-blend Meets Fusible AppliquéKygar, Terrie Linn, 1952-1129
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PT-FPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; FlowersPatchwork - Pieced FlowersLAM2008Gathered From The GardenQuilts With Floral CharmLammon, Cindy, 1954-209
Q-MQuilting; Free motion quilting; Quilting DesignsQuilting MachineLAR2009Free-motion Quilting Made Easy186 Designs From 8 Simple ShapesLarkin, Eva A., 1968-648
JAHome; Japanese quiltingJapanLAS2008Zakka Sewing25 Japanese Projects For The HouseholdLaskey, Therese.758
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PPPaper piecing; Wedding Ring;Paper PiecingMCC2009Wedding Ring, Pickle Dish And MorePaper Piecing CurvesMcCormick, Carolyn.101
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TEPatchwork; Piecing; Puzzle piecing; Quilting techniquesTechnique including BeginnerMCD2007Ruth B. McDowell's Piecing WorkshopMcDowell, Ruth B., 1945-908
Q-HQuilting; Sewing supplies and equipment; Fabric - Care and conservation; Teaching; Beginner's techniquesQuilting - HandMCE1998That perfect stitchthe secrets of fine hand quiltingMcElroy, Roxanne.463
W-BWearables; TechniquesWearables, Bags, Purses MCG2000Linda McGehee's Simply Sensational BagsMcGehee, Linda F.1051
PAPatriotic quilts; Stars; AppliquePatrioticMCG2002O'gloryAmericana quilt blocks from the Kansas City starMcGinnis, Edie.1253
P-SStars; Hexagon patternPatchwork - StarsMCG2001Star quilts : outside the boxhexagon patterns from the Kansas City StarMcGinnis, Edie.344
P-SCScrap quilts; Miniature piecing; EmbellishmentPatchwork - ScrappyMCI1997Beyond charm quiltsthe ultimate challengeMcIntee, Catherine L., 1952-603
C-FCountry;AppliqueCountry / FolkMCK2006Baltimore's country cousinsalbum quilt patternsMcKelvey, Susan Richardson.382
TETechniques; Quilt-as-you-go; Machine embroidery; Crazy quiltsTechnique including BeginnerMCM2007Crazy Shortcut QuiltsQuilt As You Go And Finish In Half The Time!McManus, Marguerita.1375
MDLPatchwork; TechniquesMedallion QuiltsMCM2005Bella bella quiltsstunning designs from Italian mosaicsMcMeeking, Norah1498
Q-DTechniques; Quilting; Quilting DesignQuilting DesignsMCN2011Zen-sational Stitches for Quiltinginspired by ZentangleMcNeill, Suzanne1728
Q-DQuilting; Machine quilting; Wearable artQuilting DesignsMCT2005Mastering the art of McTavishingMcTavish, Karen C.1566
AP-MMachine applique; Quilt history; Sampler quilts; FlowersApplique - MachineMEN2002Quiltmaker's Guide to Fine Machine AppliqueMenaugh, Karla1330
H-CChristmas; Machine appliqueSeasonal - ChristmasMEN2009Juniper and MistletoeA forest of appliqueMenaugh, Karla918
Q-MQuilting; Free motion; PracticeQuilting MachineMER2016Free-Motion Mastery in a MonthA Block A Day to Machine Quilting SuccessMerrill, RaNae1795
CRVCurves; SpiralCurvesMER2008Simply Amazing Spiral QuiltsMerrill, RaNae.1779
H-CChristmas; PatchworkSeasonal - ChristmasMEU2005A few of my favorite Christmas quilts7 holiday patterns with step-by-step instructionMeunier, Christiane1533
BAAlphabets; Machine piecing; Patchwork; Applique; Children's quiltsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToMEU1999Colorful quilts for kidsMeunier, Christiane, 1952-522
PT-LLog Cabin; Patchwork;Patchwork - Log CabinMIC2006Log cabin ABCsMichell, Marti839
Q-MBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Strip piecing; Machine piecing; Machine quiltingQuilting MachineMIC1999Learn to machine quilt in just one weekendfor people who don't have time to quiltMichell, Marti338
P-RTPatchwork; Beginner's techniques; Scrap quilts; Rectangles; 9 PatchPatchwork - Rectangles, Squares; 9 patch; 4 patchMIC2000101 nine patch quiltsMichell, Marti.1042
TETechniques; Beginner's techniques; FastTechnique including BeginnerMIC1998Quilting for people who still don't have time to quiltMichell, Marti.1019
CREmbellishment; Crazy quilts; Embroidery; Fabric - Surface imprintingCrazy QuiltsMIC1998The magic of crazy quiltinga complete resource for embellished quiltingMichler, J. Marsha.1550
CRCrazy quilts; Embellishment; Machine appliqueCrazy QuiltsMIC2000Crazy Quilts By MachineMichler, J. Marsha.718
BRPatchwork; Machine piecing; Design; Small projectsBorders, Finishes & LabelsMIL2006French Braid Quilts14 Quick Quilts With Dramatic ResultsMiller, Jane Hardy, 1950-1650
C-FCountry; Piecing - Patterns; Applique - Patterns; Beginner's techniques; Animals; Seasonal patternsCountry / FolkMIL1996Pieceable Kingdom Flannel seasonsMiller, Janet859
CLColor; Design; Setting; BordersColorMIL 1998Easy piecescreative color play with two simple quilt blocksMiller, Margaret J., 1946-1628
DEDesign; Setting; Borders; ColorDesign/ LayoutMIL2000Smashing setsexciting ways to arrange quilt blocksMiller, Margaret J., 1946-1066
DEDesign; Setting; Patchwork; Machine piecingDesign/ LayoutMIL2008Stunning AnglePlay Quilts6 Projects, 42 Exciting Blocks, Easy, No-math PiecingMiller, Margaret J., 1946-1262
DEDesign; Setting; Patchwork; Machine piecingDesign/ LayoutMIL2005Angleplay blockssimple half-rectangle, 84 no-math quilt blocks, easy-to-follow chartsMiller, Margaret, J1515
Q-DQuilting; Quilting Design; Pattern draftingQuilting DesignsMIL1996Encyclopedia of designs for quiltingMiller, Phyllis D.630
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; Sampler quilts; Embellishment; FlowersApplique - GardenMIL2003Quilting the savory gardenMillett, Sandra.1614
BAPatchwork; Machine piecing; Children's quilts; AppliqueBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToMIL1996P.S. I love you twoa sequelMilligan, Lynda618
BACrib quilts; Animals; Applique; AlphabetsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToMIL2002P.S. I love you three!Milligan, Lynda1254
BAChildren's quilts; Crib quilts; Animals; Applique; AlphabetsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToMIL2006P.S. I Love Your Four - Welcome BabyMilligan, Lynda1639
FQFat Quarter; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Sampler quiltsFat QuartersMIL2004Super simple fat quarter quiltsMilligan, Lynda1561
HSeasonal patterns; Small projects; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingSeasonal - HolidaysMIL1998HouseWarmersMilligan, Lynda479
H-CChristmas; Applique; Small projects; Embellishment; Wearable artSeasonal - ChristmasMIL1999Joy to the worldMilligan, Lynda845
H-CChristmas; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasMIL2004Home for the holidaysMilligan, Lynda1542
PRScrap quilts; Stars; Patriotic quilts; Alphabets; AppliquePrecutsMIL 2002Super simple squarescreative uses for 6 1/2" squareMilligan, Lynda1365
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Animals; Flowers; Embroidery; Small projectsPatchworkMIL1999BedWarmerscomforter covers, toppers, pillows & more!Milligan, Lynda950
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; AppliquePatchworkMIL2000Comforts of loveMilligan, Lynda1088
PT-LLog cabin quilts; Patchwork; Applique; Machine piecingPatchwork - Log CabinMIL2005Positively PineappleQuilts for the Pineapple Rule ... and more!Milligan, Lynda700
S-PPhoto; Surface design; Small projects; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingSurface Design - PhotoMIL1997Photo memories in fabricquilts & moreMilligan, Lynda865
BATeaching sewing to children; Children's quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToMIL2016Best of Sewing Machine Fun for KidsProjects & 37 ActivitiesMilligan, Lynda 1796
H-CChristmas; Patchwork patterns; Machine quilting patternsSeasonal - ChristmasMIL2010Christmas With Possibilities16 Quilted Holiday ProjectsMilligan, Lynda, 1951-1708
HMSeasonal patterns; Small projects; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecingHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsMIL1998Topperssmall quilts to accent any decorMilligan, Lynda, 1951-797
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Alphabets; Sampler quiltsPatchworkMIL2001Hearts aplentyMilligan, Lynda, 1951-1125
PTPatchwork patterns; Applique patterns; Quilting patternsPatchworkMIL2003Plentiful PossibilitiesA Timeless Treasury Of 16 Terrific QuiltsMilligan, Lynda, 1951-18
DEDesign; TemplatesDesign/ LayoutMOE2007Spinning Pinwheel QuiltsMoe, Sara.248
C-FCountry; Patchwork;Country / FolkMOE2009Gorgeous Quilts for gracious livingMoen, Sonja380
TEPatchwork; Machine piecing; Machine appliqueTechnique including BeginnerMOF1996Traditional Blocks Meet AppliquéMoffett-Hall, Deborah J., 1960-598
E-GEmbellishment; EmbroideryEmbellishment - GeneralMON2000Floral stitchesan illustrated guide to floral stitcheryMontano, Judith.1101
TETechnique; Wearable art; Crazy quilts; Embroidery; Embellishment; Small projects; Wearable artTechnique including BeginnerMON2001crazy quilt handbook, TheMontano, Judith.1239
CLColor; Design; Patchwork; Machine piecingColorMOR1999Freddy's housebrilliant color in quiltsMoran, Freddy, 1930-989
TEColor; Design; Patchwork; Machine piecingTechnique including BeginnerMOR2006Collaborative QuiltingMoran, Freddy, 1930-1731
TEPatchwork; Australian;Technique including BeginnerPAT2003Patchwork Basicswith Australian Patchwork & Quilting MagazineMoran, Lorraine (editor)296
STStained glass quilting; Machine appliqueStain GlassMOR1999Stained glass techniquesart work in fabricMorel-Seroskie, Marie877
F-MFabric - Surface manipulationFabric ManipulationMOR2003Folded fabric squares and moreMori, Joyce1605
NAMachine piecing; Native American designNative AmericanMOR1997Southwest quiltsMori, Joyce697
NANative American designNative AmericanMOR1998Native American designs for quiltingMori, Joyce480
NANative American designNative AmericanMOR2005Native American designs 2Mori, Joyce290
APApplique, CutworkAppliqueMOR2003Cutout quiltsMori, Joyce.1366
DEDesign; Scrap quilts; Crazy quilts; Wearable art; AppliqueDesign/ LayoutMOR1997Ultimate Scrap Quilt, TheMori, Joyce.145
Q-DQuilting; Quilt DesignsQuilting DesignsMOR2005Around The World Quilting DesignsMori, Joyce.560
S-DFabric - Dyes and dyeing; Surface design; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Wearable artSurface Design - DyeingMOR1996Dye it! paint it! quilt it!making and using one-of-a-kind fabrics in quiltsMori, Joyce.533
S-DFabric - Dyes and dyeing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; ColorSurface Design - DyeingMOR1997Dyeing to quiltquick direct-dye methods for quilt makersMori, Joyce.726
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; EmbellishmentPatchworkMOR1996Calicoes & Quilts UnlimitedMorrison, Judy Betts, 1946-542
PAPatriotic; AppliquePatrioticMOR2001Collecting AmericanaMorton, Jo1182
MNMiniature quilts; Patchwork; VintageMiniature QuiltsMOR2005Small quilts with vintage charm8 projects to decorate your homeMorton, Mary Jo Gress, 1944-367
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; Applique; EmbroideryPatchworkMOS2005Joined at the heartquilting for family and friendsMoscicki, Anne1597
E-GEmbellishment; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Small projects; FlowersEmbellishment - GeneralMOS2006Dazzling quiltsEasy glitz and instant glamourMostek, Pamela1616
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Small projects; FlowersPatchworkMOS2003English cottage quilts10 charming projectsMostek, Pamela1480
DEDesign; FabricDesign/ LayoutMOS2003Just can't cut it!quilts from fabulous fabricsMostek, Pamela, 1948-1317
PPPaper piecing; Sampler quilts; AppliquePaper PiecingMOU2009Flip-flop Paper PiecingRevolutionary Single-foundation Technique Guarantees AccuracyMouton, Mary Kay, 1949-114
C-FFolk; American Folk Art Museum; Bird of ParadiseCountry / FolkMOW2011Bountiful Life, AAn adaptation of the bird of paradise quilt top in The American Folk Art MuseumMowery, Karen1434
W-BWearables; Purses; Bags; PatchworkWearables, Bags, Purses PUR2012Purses, Bags & TotesMoya's Workshop.1694
A-RVMachine applique; Reverse applique; Beginner techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecingApplique - Reverse AppliqueMUL2003Reverse Appliqué With No BrakezMullen, Jan, 1958-1691
ST-WPatchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner techniques; Stack and WhackStack and WhackMUL2001Cut-loose quiltsstack, slice, switch, and sewMullen, Jan, 1958-1102
TETechniques; Free form circlesTechnique including BeginnerMUL2006Free & Eazy CirclesMagic Ballz & Other Foundation FolliesMullen, Jan, 1958-788
C-FCountry; Small projects; Wall hangings; Fabric selection; Beginner's techniques; Animals; Sampler quilts; Crib quilts; Basket quilts; Applique; Dolls and dollmakingCountry / FolkMUM2001Debbie Mumm's Country quilts for all occasionsMumm, Debbie1551
C-FCountryCountry / FolkMUM2002Debbie Mumm's Country Quilting Collection3 delightful books in 1Mumm, Debbie1463
C-FCountry; Applique; Birds; Seasonal patterns; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; Sampler quiltsCountry / FolkMUM2002Debbie Mumm's birdhouses for every seasonMumm, Debbie1470
C-FCountryCountry / FolkMUM2003Debbie Mumm's quilts from a gardener's Journalfeaturing garden glories block of the monthMumm, Debbie1487
C-FCountryCountry / FolkMUM2003Debbie Mumm's Country SettingDelightful Quilts, Dinnerware, & Accessories Decorate Six Country SettingsMumm, Debbie1787
HSeasonal patterns; Applique; Animals; Beginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; Sampler quilts; EmbellishmentSeasonal - HolidaysMUM2002Quilting through the year with Debbie MummMumm, Debbie1318
H-CChristmas; Patchwork, Applique; BiblicalSeasonal - ChristmasMUM1998Noah's NoelMumm, Debbie716
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H-CChristmas; FolkSeasonal - ChristmasMUM2007Joy Joy Joyquilts, crafts, giftsMumm, Debbie819
MDModern quilts; PatchworkModern QuiltsMUM2006Debbie Mumm's New ExpressionsMumm, Debbie1575
PAPatriotic quilts; Stars; AppliquePatrioticMUM2002Debbie Mumm salutes America the beautifulMumm, Debbie1241
PTPatchwork; HomePatchworkMUM2005Just for funMumm, Debbie1481
PT-FPatchwork; Garden; Flowers; FruitPatchwork - Pieced FlowersMUM2007Debbie Mumm's Greenwood GardensMumm, Debbie1714
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W-BWearable artWearables, Bags, Purses MUR1996More jazznew shapes & great ideas for wonderful wearable artMurrah, Judy, 1943-433
W-BWearable art; Embellishment; Patchwork; Machine piecingWearables, Bags, Purses MUR2003Judy Murrah's jacket jackpotMurrah, Judy, 1943-1398
DEDesignDesign/ LayoutMUS1999New classic quilt designsMussell, Michal.1001
DEDesign; Pattern drafting; Symmetry; Fabric selection; Machine piecingDesign/ LayoutNAD1996Kaleidoscopes & quiltsNadelstern, Paula597
DEDesign; Pattern drafting; Symmetry; Fabric selection; Machine piecingDesign/ LayoutNAD2001Snowflakes & quiltsNadelstern, Paula.629
DEDesign; Pattern drafting; Symmetry; Fabric selection; Machine piecing; Sampler quiltsDesign/ LayoutNAD2005Puzzle QuiltsSimple Blocks, Complex FabricsNadelstern, Paula.1062
C-FFolk; PatchworkCountry / FolkNAN2006Daylily DaysNanneman, Renee1679
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TETechniques; Award-winning; Individual quilterTechnique including BeginnerNAY2008Quilting in the Limelightthe life, art & techniques of an award-winning quilterNaylor, Philippa1764
PPPaper piecing; New York BeautiesPaper PiecingNEA2014Quilting Beauties Come in All Shapes & SizesNeary, Karen1808
PRPrecutsPrecutsNEL2010Schnibbles Times TwoQuilts From 5" Or 10" SquaresNelson, Carrie (Carrie L.)1690
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BRLabels; FinishingBorders, Finishes & LabelsNER2004One-of-a-kind quilt labelsunique ideas for a special finishNerud, Thea1430
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AP-MMachine appliqueApplique - MachineNIC2006Stitched raw edge appliqueNickels, Sue.283
Q-MQuilting; Machine quilting; Sewing supplies and equipmentQuilting MachineNIC2003Machine quiltinga primer of techniquesNickels, Sue.1353
TEPatchwork patterns; Quilting patterns; Kaleidoscope quilts; One fabricTechnique including BeginnerNIC2007Wonderful 1-fabric QuiltsNickols, Kay.928
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A-FLApplique; Birds; FlowersApplique - FlowersOGL2006Art nouveau quiltsfor the 21st centuryOglesby, Bea, 1924-76
A-GRApplique; VegetablesApplique - GardenOGL2006Veggies From The Good EarthApplique AlbumOglesby, Bea, 1924-445
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Q-DQuilting - Patterns; Great Britain - Quilting; Quilt historyQuilting DesignsOSL1996Quilting design sourcebookOsler, Dorothy612
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DEDesign; Fabric selection; Contemporary quilts; Art quiltsDesign/ LayoutPAK2004Circle playsimple designs for fablous fabricsPakusich, Reynola1499
AP-HApplique; Small projects; Flowers; BirdsApplique - HandPAN2004Needleturn applique made easyPandolph, Robyn1446
A-FLApplique; Flowers; PIecing - PatternsApplique - FlowersPAP2003Dear HannahIn The Style Of Jane A. SticklePapadakis, Brenda Manges, 1943-589
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TEWatercolor quilts; Flowers; Applique; Machine quiltingTechnique including BeginnerPAP2001More Quick Watercolor QuiltsPappas, Dina, 1962-430
P-SStar quilts; Native American designPatchwork - StarsPAR1997Montana Star QuiltsParker, Linda385
TEBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecingTechnique including BeginnerPAR2010More Favorite Traditional Quilts Made EasyParrott, Jo, 1937-1368
C-FApplique; Sampler quilts; SettingCountry / FolkPAT1999Ladybird, ladybirdPatek, Jan847
C-FCountry; Applique; Small projects; Sampler quiltsCountry / FolkPAT2000Primitive PrimerPatek, Jan1126
C-FCountry; Applique; FlowersCountry / FolkPAT2003Say it with flowersPatek, Jan1367
PAFlags; Patriotic quilts; Applique; PatchworkPatrioticPAT2009Flags of the American RevolutionPatek, Jan1732
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A-RVApplique; Reverse applique; Patterns - Schoolhouse; AlphabetsReverse AppliquePAT1995Schoolhouse appliquéreverse techniques and more...Patera, Charlotte, 1927-1320
Q-DQuilting design; Free motion quiltingQuilting DesignsPAT2006Quilting Possibilities-- Freehand Filler PatternsPatten, Sue.1638
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DEReversible quilts; PatchworkDesign/ LayoutPED2002Reversible QuiltsPederson, Sharon1790
JAJapanese applique;JapanPED2005Sensational SashikoJapanese applique and quilting by machinePederson, Sharon1488
TEMachine Applique; Beginner's techniquesTechnique including BeginnerPED2008Machine Appliqué For The Terrified QuilterPederson, Sharon, 1943-1226
1-AMAmish quilts; Amish - Social life and customs; Beginner's techniquesAmishPEL2001Amish wall quilts15 brilliant and beautiful quiltsPellman,Rachel Thomas1183
HMHomeHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsPEN2002Needlework companions19 pincushions with personality!Pendleton, Cathy1264
FQFat quarters; Patchwork - patterns; Home; Applique; Beginner's techniquesFat QuartersPEN2006Fat quarter quiltingfast, fun, donePenn, Sue.1585
PTPatchworkPatchworkPER200324 quilted gemssparkling traditional & original projectsPerry, Gai671
CLColor; DesignColorPER1999Color from the heartseven great ways to make quilts with colors you lovePerry, Gai, 1936-966
STRStrip piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliqueString PiecedPER2008StrataVarious Quilts9 Fabulous Strip Quilts From Fat QuartersPersing, Barbara, 1962-1002
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CRVPatchwork; Circles;CurvesPHI2004Circle A Roundmaking circles fun!Phillips, Cheryl1272
KLDPatchwork; Strip piecing; Machine piecing; Small projects; Fabric manipulation; AppliqueKaliedoscope QuiltsPHI1997WedgeWorksPhillips, Cheryl833
TETechniques; Native American design; Design; Small projectsTechnique including BeginnerPHI2012Quilts Without CornersPlatinum Edition (20th anniversary)Phillips, Cheryl1073
HMHome; Small projects; Beginner's techniques; Paper piecingHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsPHI2005Quilt block leftoversclever uses for spare squaresPhillips, Sarah, 1953-1595
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JASashiko; Applique; Hawaiian quiltingJapanPIP2003Asian elegancequilting with Japanese fabrics and morePippen, Kitty, 1919-1382
AP-MAppliqueApplique - MachinePIT2013First-time Machine AppliquéPittman, Janet, Author.1328
C-FFolk; BirdsCountry / FolkPLA2010Bird in Hand, Afolk art projects inspired by out feathered friendsPlains, Renee1758
PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsPLE2008Loose ChangeQuilts from Nickels, Dimes, and Fat QuartersPlett, Claudia, 1949-150
AP-HApplique; CutworkApplique - HandPOO2006Applique lace patternsPool, Linda383
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CLColor; Surface design; Fabric - Dyes and dyeing; Applique; Wearable artColorPOR1997Six color worldcolor, cloth, quilts & wearablesPorcella, Yvonne.651
DEPatchwork; DesignDesign/ LayoutPOR2004Quilt Designs from Decorative Floor TilesPorter, Christine1788
DETessellations; Design; Color; Rotary cuttng; Machine piecing; Embellishment; StarsDesign/ LayoutPOR2006Tessellation Quiltssensational designs from interlocking patternsPorter, Christine1204
BAChildren's quiltsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToPOR2012Cuddle Me Quick11 Baby-quilt DesignsPorter, Christine, 1944-1168
MDLPatchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Applique; Paper piecing; Seasonal patterns; Small projects; Mariner's compassMedallion QuiltsPOR1999Savannah medallion quiltPorter, Liz943
P-SStars; Strip piecing; PatchworkPatchwork - StarsPOT2004Endless starsstrip-pieced quilts that sparklePotetz, Jean M.1454
E-GEmbellishment; Applique; Embroidery;Embellishment - GeneralPOT2004Quilt & embellish in one stepPotter, Linda1413
AP-MApplique; Flowers; TechniquesApplique - MachinePRI2008Love To Machine AppliquéA Medley Of TechniquesPrice, Caroline, 1948-1059
MDModern quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Small projects; Beginner's techniquesModern QuiltsPRI2014Accentuate the NegativeMaking the Most of Negative Space in Modern QuiltsPrice, Trisch1868
A-FLApplique; Flowers; HomeApplique - FlowersPRO2008Beautiful BloomsQuilts And Cushions To AppliquéPropst, Susan Taylor, 1960-709
HMHome; Wearables; AppliqueHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsPRO2012Nature's Beauty In AppliquéPretty And Practical ProjectsPropst, Susan Taylor, 1960-1720
P-LPicture quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliquePicture/Landscape QuiltsPUR2000Quilted havenscity houses, country homesPurney-Mark, Susan 889
PTPatchwork; Piecing; Patterns; Storm at seaPatchworkQUI1996Quilting up a stormnew ways to interpret a classic block designQuigley, Lydia.429
Q-ARQuilting contests; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsQUI1997Quilt National, 1997.Contemporary quiltsQuilt National (1997 : Athens, Ohio)1023
Q-ARQuilting contests; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsQUI1999Quilt National, in contemporary quilts, TheQuilt National (1999 : Athens, Ohio)1029
Q-ARQuilting contests; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsQUI2001Quilt National contemporary quilts, TheQuilt National (2001 : Athens, Ohio)531
Q-ARQuilting contests; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsQUI2007Quilt National 2007Quilt National (2007 : Athens, Ohio)1057
Q-ARQuilting contests; Art quilts; Contemporary quiltsArt QuiltsQUI2009Quilt National 2009The Best Of Contemporary Quilts : More Than 80 Inspiring CreationsQuilt National (2009 : Athens, Ohio)205
C-FCountry; Patchwork; Home; SeasonalCountry / FolkQUI2007Quilting In The CountryProjects And Recipes To Celebrate Life's Special MomentsQuinn, Jane, 1943-1234
E-GEmbellishment; EmbroideryEmbellishment - GeneralRAI2007Safari through African Folklore Embroideryfor all those who love beads, fiber art, colors and fabricRaikin, Leora602
P-SPatchwork; Applique; Stars; Punchneedle; HomePatchwork - StarsRAL2005Stars All Around Usquilts and projects inspired by a beloved symbolRalston, Cherie1288
P-LPicture quilts; Applique; Sampler quilts; LighthousesPicture/Landscape QuiltsRAN2006Lighthouses Of New EnglandRand, Connie.1703
CRCrazy quilts; Embellishment; Machine appliqueCrazy QuiltsRAN2005More Crazy Quilts with AttitudeRandle, Barbara1852
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BRBorders; BindingsBorders, Finishes & LabelsREB2005Beautiful Borders, Backings & BindingsReber, Jill.702
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BAPatchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selection; Children's quilts; Crib quiltsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToREI2000Even more quilts for babyeasy as ABCReikes, Ursula, 1950-929
PTPatchwork; Piecing; Children's quiltsPatchworkREN2006Quilts from the heartquick projects for generous givingRenaud, Karin.1584
P-SPatchwork; Pineapple StarsPatchwork - StarsREX2005Pineapple StarsSparkling Quilts, Perfectly PiecedRexroad, Sharon.986
P-SStars; Patchwork; Machine piecingPatchwork - StarsREY2000Stars a la cartewith magic stack-n-whack bonus projectsReynolds, Bethany S.944
ST-WPatchwork; Machine piecing; Stars; Stack and WhackStack and WhackREY1998Magic Stack-n-whack QuiltsReynolds, Bethany S.1149
ST-WPatchwork; Machine piecing; Machine applique; Symmetry; Fabric selection Stack and WhackStack and WhackREY2001Stack-n-whackier quiltsReynolds, Bethany S.501
ST-WPatchwork; Machine piecing; Stars; Fan quilts; Symmetry; Stack and WhackStack and WhackREY2008Stack-n-Whack-ipedia10th AnniversaryReynolds, Bethany S.441
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PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsRIC2011Little Bits Quilting Bee20 Quilts Using Charm Squares, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, And Fat QuartersRicketson, Kathreen.1756
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Q-ARArt quilts; Contemporary quilts; African-American quiltsArt QuiltsRIN1998Dancing at the LouvreFaith Ringgold's French collection and other story quiltsRinggold, Faith559
MDModern; Patchwork; Award winning quilter; DesignModern QuiltsRIN2005Modern Quilt WorkshopPatterns, Techniques, and Designs from the Funquilts StudioRingle, Weeks1813
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HMHome; small projectsHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsROB2005Crazy quilting in a weekend25 home decor projects that you can make in no timeRoberts, Flora1489
PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsROB2013Cut Above, ATurn Charm Squares, Strips, And More Into Beautiful PatchworkRobinson, Gerri.1314
Q-DQuilting; Free motion designsQuilting DesignsROC2001Quilting in motion - 2continous motion quilting designs 1876-1950Rocke, Lora A.432
Q-DQuilting; Free motion designsQuilting DesignsROC2001Quilting in motion - 3continuous contemporary quilting designsRocke, Lora A.1161
Q-DQuilting; Free motion designsQuilting DesignsROC2005Quilting in motion 6continuous line designs in simple shapes and for easy edgesRocke, Lora A.158
PPPaper piecing; Animals; BirdsPaper PiecingROL1997quilter's ark, Amore than 50 designs for foundation piecingRolfe, Margaret.801
TEBeginner's techniquesTechnique including BeginnerROL2004Magic Of Quiltmaking, TheA Beginner's GuideRolfe, Margaret.842
HIApplique; Hawaiian quiltingHawaiian QuiltsROO2002pillows to patch quilt collection-- the Hawaiian way, The32 original designsRoot, Elizabeth.1569
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TEPatchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selection; One block wonderTechnique including BeginnerROS2017One Block Wonders of the WorldNew Ideas, Design Advice, A Stunning Collection of QuiltsRosenthal, Maxine, 1944-1863
PPPaper piecingPaper PiecingROS1996Foundation piecing with a new attitudeRosintoski, Ellen604
N-ONew quilts from old favoritesNew Quilts from Old FavoritesROS2013Simply Retro With Camille RoskelleyFresh Quilts From Classic BlocksRoskelley, Camille.1384
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PTPatterns; Applique; Sampler quiltsPatchworkROT2002Reproductions quilts from the civil war period 1850-1865patterns for quilts, blocks and wall pieces from the civil war eraRothermel, Judie1322
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HSeasonal Patchwork; Patterns; AppliqueSeasonal - HolidaysROU2004Winter wonders15 quilts projects to celebrate the seasonRounds, Jennifer, 1957-1490
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MNMiniature quilts; Patchwork; TechniquesMiniature QuiltsRUG2009Inchie QuiltsRuggles, Nadine.352
S-PPhoto; Surface design; Small projects; AppliqueSurface Design - PhotoRYM2007Innovative Fabric Imagery For QuiltsMust-have Guide To Transforming & Printing Your Favorite Images On FabricRymer, Cyndy Lyle 969
S-GSmall projects; Embellishment; Surface designSurface Design - GeneralSAB2007Positively PostcardsQuilted Keepsakes To Save Or SendSabel, Bonnie.919
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H-CChristmas; Small projects; Applique; Embellishments; Embroidery; FolkSeasonal - ChristmasSAF1997Two-hour quilted Christmas projectsSaffiote, Cheri.720
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Q-MQuilting; Machine quilting; Applique; Design; Sewing supplies and equipmentQuilting MachineSAN2002Show me how to machine quilta fun, no-mark approachSandbach, Kathy, 1945-1289
MNPaper piecing; MiniaturesMiniature QuiltsSAN1998Easy Nature Miniaturescelebrate nature with five delightful paper-pieced projectsSandstrom, Judith331
DEArt quilts; Flowers; Machine applique; Design; QuiltmakersDesign/ LayoutSAS2000The quilted gardendesign make nature-inspired quiltsSassaman, Jane1089
APApplique; Birds; Bugs; NatureAppliqueSAT2001Earth WorksSatterfield, Debra K.1174
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Small projects; Patchwork; Machine piecingApplique - FlowersSCH2006Flowering quilts16 charming folk art projects to decorate your homeSchaefer, Kim1623
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HMHome; Bed Runners; Table toppers; Small projectsHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsSCH2012Kim Schaefer's Skinny Quilts15 Bed Runners, Table Toppers & WallhangingsSchaefer, Kim, 1960-1265
MDModern; Scrap quilts; Small projects; Patchwork; Machine piecingModern QuiltsSCH2009Cozy Modern Quilts23 Easy Pieced Projects To Bust Your StashSchaefer, Kim, 1960-635
MDScrap quilts; Small projects; Patchwork; Machine piecingModern QuiltsSCH2012Bright & Bold Cozy Modern Quilts20 Projects, Easy Piecing, Stash BustingSchaefer, Kim, 1960-334
TETechniques; Curve piecingTechnique including BeginnerSCH2005Piec-liquecurves the new waySchamber, Sharon1491
AP-MApplique; Machine appliqueApplique - MachineSCH2007Piece By Piece Machine AppliquéSchamber, Sharon.1637
Q-ARIndividual artist; Machine embroidery; Portraits; Machine appliqueArt QuiltsSCH1998Deidre Schererwork in fabric & threadScherer, Deidre, 1944-744
PAApplique; Flowers; Sampler quilts; Surface design; PatrioticPatrioticSCH2002Liberty gardenvillage classics collectionsSchiller, Lisa DeBee1338
TETechniquesTechnique including BeginnerSCH2010Rule-breaking QuiltsSchmidt, Kathryn, 1950-1730
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecingPatchwork - ScrappySCH2001Scrap FrenzyEven More Quick-pieced Scrap QuiltsSchneider, Sally, 1945-1124
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecingPatchwork - ScrappySCH2013Scrap Quilts Fit For A QueenOr A King, Twin Or Lap!Schneider, Sally, 1945-1680
STMachine piecing; Stained glass quilting; Sampler quilts; Stars; Paper piecingStain GlassSCH2001Paper Pieced Stained Glass Garden StarsSchwartz, Liz1231
HSeasonal; Machine piecing; Paper piecing; Picture quilts; ChristmasSeasonal - HolidaysSCH1998Paper piecing the seasonsfoundation piecing from easy to expertSchwartz, Liz, 1971-786
PPPaper piecing; Foundation piecingPaper PiecingSCH2002Fresh Cut FlowersSchwartz, Liz, 1971-443
TEQuilting; Quilting technique;Technique including BeginnerSCO2011Bobbin Quiltin' & Fusin' FunScott, Michele, 1967-1701
TEQuilting; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Machine quilting; Flowers; AnimalsTechnique including BeginnerSCO2001Quilting back to frontfun & easy no-mark techniquesScouler, Larraine, 1948-1162
P-SStars; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesPatchwork - StarsSEA2000Sew many starstechniques & patternsSearl, Gail.1012
KLDKaleidoscope quilts; PatchworkKaliedoscope QuiltsSEB2009Kaleidoscope The Smart WaySebrow, Sharon.1746
CLColor; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Paper piecingColorSEE1997Color magic for quiltersabsolutely the easiest, most successful method for choosing colors and fabrics to create quilts you'll loveSeely, Ann688
DEDesign; Fabric selection; PatchworkDesign/ LayoutSEG2005Follow the dots ... to dazzling quiltsSegna, Joan1634
APSeasonal; Folk; Patchwork; AppliqueAppliqueSEL2006Quilter's Dozen PlusSelck, Janet1711
TETechniques; ScallopsTechnique including BeginnerSER2007Scallops Sew EasyLove To Quilt--Seroskie, Marie1411
HIHawaiian quilting; documentationHawaiian QuiltsSER1997Hawaiian quilt, Thea spiritual experience : reflection on its history, heritage, designing, quilting methods and patternsSerrao, Poakalani.483
H-CChristmas; Embroidery; Small projects; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasSHA1996Down home country Christmasin flannel & woolSha, Glenda512
A-FLApplique; FlowersApplique - FlowersSHA2000Coxcomb variationsAQS legacy collectionShackelford, Anita1090
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Beginner's techniques; Setting; Sampler quiltsApplique - BaltimoreSHA1993Three-Dimensioal Applique and Embroidery EmbellishmentsTechniques for Today's Album QuiltShackelford, Anita.1853
AP-MApplique; Machine applique; Sampler quilts; CutworkApplique - MachineSHA1999Appliqué with folded cutworkShackelford, Anita.815
BAChildren's quilts; Christmas; HomeBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToSHA2009Teens & Tweens Quilting Fun With Family & FriendsShackelford, Anita.1733
Q-DQuilting; Quilting designsQuilting DesignsSHA2002Infinite feathersquilting designsShackelford, Anita.1294
TETechnique; Applique; Trapunto; Whole cloth quilts; Quilting - PatternsTechnique including BeginnerSHA1997Surface texturesShackelford, Anita.653
MDApplique; Wearables; Modern; HomeModern QuiltsSHA2012Stash HappyAppliqué : 25 Fresh Projects For Fabric LoversShaffer, Cynthia.1152
HIQuilt history; Hawaiian quiltingHawaiian QuiltsSHA2009Hawaiian Quilt MasterpiecesShaw, Robert, 1951-409
F-MFabric - surface manipulation; Flowers; Applique;Fabric ManipulationSHA2001Petal Play The Traditional WayShay, Joan.1154
HSeasonal patterns; Peanuts characters; Halloween; Christmas; 4th of JulySeasonal - HolidaysSHE2015Peanuts Quilted CelebrationsShea, Kathleen1823
HMHomeHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsSHE2012Vintage Tablecloth QuiltsKitchen Kitsch To Bedroom Chic, 12 Projects To Piece Or AppliquéSheifer, Rose, 1953-1173
APApplique; Flowers; VictorianAppliqueSHE2005Courtship quiltsinspired by the Victorian language of flowersSheppard, Janna L.1517
D-FPatchwork; Fabric selection; Machine piecing; BatiksDesign - Fabric SelectionSHI2003Batiks and beyondquilts from fabulous fabricsShifrin, Laurie J., 1960-1383
D-FPatchwork; Fabric selection; Machine piecing; BatikDesign - Fabric SelectionSHI2008Batik Gems29 Dazzling Quilt ProjectsShifrin, Laurie J., 1960-1082
TEBeginner's techniques; Fabric selection; Fabric - History; Patchwork; Machine piecing; BatiksTechnique including BeginnerSHI2001Batik beauties18 stunning quiltsShifrin, Laurie J., 1960-1175
E-GEmbellishment; EmbroideryEmbellishment - GeneralSHI2012Artfully EmbroideredMotifs And Patterns For Bags And MoreShimoda, Naoko, 1953- Author.1080
E-BEmbellishment; Beads; Wearables;Embellishment - BeadsSHR2008Creative Quilting With BeadsBags, Aprons, Mini-quilts & MoreShrader, Valerie Van Arsdale401
Q-ARArt quilts; Contemporary quilts; QuiltmakersArt QuiltsSIE2008Masters: Art QuiltsMaster works by leading artistsSielman, Martha.868
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Borders; DesignApplique - BaltimoreSIE1992Design a Baltimore Album Quilt!A Teach Yourself Coursein Sets and BordersSienkiewicz, Elly1854
APApplique; Techniques; Flowers; Suede; Birds; AnimalsAppliqueSIE1999Fancy Applique12 Lessons to Enhance Your SkillsSienkiewicz, Elly1815
AP-HApplique; Beginner's techniques; Small projectsApplique - HandSIE1991Applique 12 easy ways!Sienkiewicz, Elly68
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Borders; Medallion quiltsApplique - BaltimoreSIE1994Appliqué 12 borders & medallions!patterns from easy to heirloomSienkiewicz, Elly.372
A-BLApplique; Baltimore album quilts; Small projectsApplique - BaltimoreSIE2006Baltimore EleganceA New Approach To Classic Album QuiltsSienkiewicz, Elly.1223
HMPainting; Floor coverings; DecoupageHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsSIL2007Floorquilts!Fabric Decoupaged Floorcloths--no-sew FunSilver, Ellen Highsmith, 1946-1188
S-DFabric - Dyes and dyeing; Wearable art; Small projectsSurface Design - DyeingSIM1999Creative marbling on fabrica guide to making one-of-a-kind fabricsSimmons, Judy, 1944-851
BAMachine piecing; Children's quilts; Fabric - Surface imprinting; Scrap quiltsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToSIM2000Picture play quiltsSimms, Ami1150
TEBeginner's techniques; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; DesignTechnique including BeginnerSIM2015Beginner's Guide to QuiltmakingSimon, Jeri1801
S-DSurface design; Fabric dyeingSurface Design - DyeingSIM2007Fabric FandangoCombining Hand Dyed And Commercial PrintsSimpson, Gail.990
E-REmbroidery; Redwork;Embellishment RedworkSIN1999Redwork, quilts & moreSinema, Laurene834
E-REmbroidery; RedworkEmbellishment RedworkSIN1999Redwork in blueSinema, Laurene879
P-RTPatchwork; Fabric selection; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; 9 PatchPatchwork - Rectangles, Squares; 9 patch; 4 patchSIS20069-patch pizzazzfast, fun & finished in a daySisneros, Judy1633
P-RTPatchwork; Curved piecing; Machine piecing; Strip piecing; RectanglePatchwork - Rectangles, Squares; 9 patch; 4 patchSIS2008Rectangle PizzazzFast, Fun & Finished In A DaySisneros, Judy, 1942-408
A-SMApplique; Gardens; FlowersApplique - SamplerSIT2009Hop To It!Appliquéd Blocks And ProjectsSitar, Edyta.832
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenSLO2010Applique a Garden7 quiltsSloan, Pat654
MDLPatchwork; Medallion QuiltsMedallion QuiltsSLO2012Pat Sloan's Focus on the Center8 new looks for medallion quiltsSloan, Pat1140
TETechniques; Applique; Seasonal patterns; Embellishment; Beginner's techniques; Small projectsTechnique including BeginnerSLO2004Learn to applique with Pat SloanSloan, Pat1432
PTPatchworkPatchworkSLO200540 Fabulous Quick-Cut QuiltsSloppy, Evelyn, 1949-1541
PT-LLog cabin quilts; Machine piecing; Stars; SettingPatchwork - Log CabinSLO2002Log cabin feverinnovative designs for traditional quiltsSloppy, Evelyn, 1949-1185
TETechnique; Applique; Machine piecing; Frayed edgeTechnique including BeginnerSLO2002Frayed-edge fun10 cozy quiltsSloppy, Evelyn, 1949-1243
TEPatchwork; Single block quiltTechnique including BeginnerSLO2006Sew One And You're DoneMaking A Quilt From A Single BlockSloppy, Evelyn, 1949-332
D-FPatchwork; Fabric selection; Patchwork; Machine piecingDesign - Fabric SelectionSMI2004Focus on batikstraditional quilts in fun fabicsSmiley, Jan Bode1447
CRVPatchwork; Curves; Strip piecingCurvesSMI2007New Twist On Strips 'n Curves, AFeaturing Swirl, Half Clamshell, Free-form Curves & Strips 'n CirclesSmith, Kerry1348
FQFat quartersFat QuartersSMI2009Fat-quarter Quilting21 Terrific 16" X 20" ProjectsSmith, Kerry1723
W-BWearable; Country;Wearables, Bags, Purses SMI1998Decorating denim bluesSmith, Kerry930
DEDesign; Strip piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliqueDesign/ LayoutSMI2001Strips 'n curvesa new spin on strip piecingSmith, Louisa1256
DEDesign; Strip piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; AppliqueDesign/ LayoutSMI2008One-Patch Plusa new twist on one-patch piecingSmith, Louisa496
Q-DQuilting; Quilting DesignQuilting DesignsSMI2008Quilt This!Practical Patterns For Everyday QuiltingSmith, Lynda12
BRBordersBorders, Finishes & LabelsSMI2002Very easy borders by the yardSmith, Nancy1277
D-FPatchwork; Machine piecing; Applique; Paper piecingDesign - Fabric SelectionSMI2008Simple to Sensational BatiksSmith, Nancy1782
HSeasonalSeasonal - HolidaysSMI1998Snow buddies throughout the year!Smith, Nancy1408
H-CChristmas; Patchwork; Applique;Seasonal - ChristmasSMI2007More Joy to the WorldSmith, Nancy111
STRPatchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecing; Applique; FlowersString PiecedSMI2003Super simple stripsSmith, Nancy1509
APSmall quilts, Piecing; Paper piecingAppliqueSMI2001Friends forever quilting togetherSmith, Nancy, 1943 Oct. 17-1568
PTPatchworkPatchworkSMI2002Favorite Quilts Fast & FunSmith, Nancy.577
D-FPatchwork; Fabric selectionDesign - Fabric SelectionSNY2008Big-print QuiltsSnyder, Karen, 1953-1772
FQFat quarters; PatchworkFat QuartersSNY2007Fat Quarter FunSnyder, Karen, 1953-761
BRBorders; Patchwork; Machine piecingBorders, Finishes & LabelsSNY2004Pieced To FitInstant Quilt Borders From Easy BlocksSnyder, Sheila Sinclair.594
BRBorders; Patchwork; Machine piecingBorders, Finishes & LabelsSNY2012Perfect-fit Pieced BordersSnyder, Sheila Sinclair.1018
PPPaper piecing; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniquesPaper PiecingSOL2003Make it simpler paper piecingeasy as 1 2 3 - a pinless fold and sew techniqueSolomon, Anita Grossman1355
TEPatchwork; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; Paper piecingTechnique including BeginnerSOL2004Perfect blocks in minutes - the make it simpler wayrevolutionary technique, one-piece paper foundations to fold & sew, 60 traditional blocksSolomon, Anita Grossman599
MNMiniature quilts; Scrap quilts; Fat QuartersMiniature QuiltsSOL2007Bits and Pieces18 small quilts from fat quarters and scrapsSoltys, Karen Costello.1676
PRPrecuts; PatchworkPrecutsSPE2002Nickel Quiltsgreat designs from 5-inch scrapsSpeth, Pat1194
PRPrecuts; Scrap quilts; Machine piecing; Beginner's techniques; DesignPrecutsSPE2004More nickel quilts20 new designs from 5-inch squaresSpeth, Pat1414
DEDesign; Color; Patchwork; Strip piecing; Machine piecing; Watercolor quiltsDesign/ LayoutSPI1996Strip-pieced watercolor magica faster, new approach to creating 30 watercolor quiltsSpingola, Deanna, 1944-434
C-FSmall projects; Wearable art; Applique; EmbroideryCountry / FolkSPO1996Folk art quilts from the farmSporrer, Sarah661
P-SCPatchwork; Scrap quiltsPatchwork - ScrappySQU2009StashblastersSquibb, Kathryn166
PTPatchwork; Table runnersPatchworkSQU2005Classics...from table runners to quiltsSquibb, Kathryn1544
Q-DQuilting designQuilting DesignsSQU2002Helen's copy & use quilting patternsSquire, Helen.384
S-GSurface design - techniquesSurface Design - GeneralSTA2007Simple StencilingDramatic QuiltsStallebrass, Pam.1687
S-GSurface design; Stamping; Stencils; Screen printing; painting; color dischargeSurface Design - GeneralSTE2007Fabric Art WorkshopExploring Techniques & Materials for Faric Artists & QuiltersStein, Susan1860
APApplique; Small Projects; Beginners' techniques; Sampler quilts; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecing;MeditationsAppliqueSTE2003At piece with timea women's journey stitched in clothSteiner, Kristen C.1535
W-BWearables; Home; African;Wearables, Bags, Purses STE2007African Accents On The Go!Designing Accessories With Cultural StyleStewart, Lisa Shepard.98
S-GSurface design - techniquesSurface Design - GeneralSTO2005Paintstiks on FabricSimple techniques, fantastic resultsStokes, Shelly G.153
S-GSurface design; RubbingsSurface Design - GeneralSTO2011Rubbing Plate Roundupcreate textured treasures from fabric, paper, clay, metal and paintStokes, Shelly G.1743
E-BEmbellishment; Beads; Applique; Flowers; Embroidery; Seasonal patternsEmbellishment - BeadsSTO2001The stori of beaded embellishmentStori, Mary1163
E-BEmbellishment; BindingEmbellishment - BeadsSTO2004Beading basics30 embellishing techniques for quiltingStori, Mary1545
E-BEmbellishment; Beads; Techniques; Embroidery; AppliqueEmbellishment - BeadsSTO2008Embellishing with Felted Wool16 Projects with Applique, Beads, Buttons & EmbroideryStori, Mary1799
H-CChristmas; Snowman; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasSTR2002Snow FriendsStrain, Deb365
PTPatchwork;PatchworkSTR2004Quilter's bountyextraordinary quilts from ordinary blocksStrobel, Robin1636
S-GSurface design; Faux applique; Derwent pencilsSurface Design - GeneralSTU2008Faux AppliquéStubbings, Helen.1766
Q-ARContemporary quilts; Art quiltsArt QuiltsSTU2009SAQA@20 Art & ExcellenceA sense of humorStudio Art Quilt Associates923
Q-ARContemporary quilts; Art quiltsArt QuiltsSTU2010SAQA: Creative Force 2010Studio Art Quilt Associates691
Q-ARContemporary quilts; Art quiltsArt QuiltsSTU2010SAQA SightlinesStudio Art Quilt Associates1233
Q-ARContemporary quilts; Art quiltsArt QuiltsSTU2011SAQA Portfolio 18the art quilt sourcebookStudio Art Quilt Associates1710
Q-ARContemporary quilts; Art quiltsArt QuiltsSTU2013Portfolio 20the art quilt sourcebookStudio Art Quilt Associates1689
S-GSurface design; Small projects; Flowers; Borders; Baskets; BirdsSurface Design - GeneralSTU2007Paint-a-quilt PatternsSturmer, Marie Monteith.1120
TETechniques; Patchwork; Stars; TrapuntoTechnique including BeginnerSTU2005Easy & elegant lone star quiltsall the wow without the workStutz, Shirley1526
JAJapan - History; Japan - Quilts; Japanese quilting; Applique; FlowersJapanSUD1997Circles of the Eastquilt designs from acncient japanaese famiyl crestsSudo, Kumiko757
F-MJapanese quilting; Japan - History; Flowers; Applique; Three dimensional designFabric ManipulationSUD2000Fantasies & flowersorigami in fabric for quiltersSudo, Kumiko.922
JAJapanese quilting; Japan - History; Quilt history; Sashiko; Flowers; Applique; Fabric - ManipulationJapanSUD1996Fabled FlowersInnovative Quilt Patterns Inspired By Japanese Sashiko And Origami TraditionsSudo, Kumiko.591
JAJapanese quilting; Japan - History; Quilt history; Design; Art quiltsJapanSUD1998Harmonies & hurricanescolor and line in Japanese quiltsSudo, Kumiko.804
JAJapanese; Small projects; Japan - History; Flowers; Dolls and dollmakingJapanSUD2001Omiyagehandmade gifts from fabric in the Japanese traditionSudo, Kumiko.1079
JAJapanese quilting; Embellishment; Flowers; Applique; Fabric - ManipulationJapanSUD2006Kake-jikuImages Of Japan In Applique, Fabric Origami, And SashikoSudo, Kumiko.1553
JAJapanese quilting; Japan - History; Quilt history; Design; Art quiltsJapanSUD2007WagashiHandcrafted Fashion Art From JapanSudo, Kumiko.1319
P-SMachine piecing; Patchwork; StarsPatchwork - StarsSUI2005Crazy eightsfun with 8-pointed starsSuit, Mary Sue1527
TEBeginner's techniques; Machine piecing; Stars; Patchwork; Machine piecingTechnique including BeginnerSUI1999new twist on triangles, ASuit, Mary Sue1329
TEBeginner's techniques; Machine piecing; Drunkard's path; PatchworkTechnique including BeginnerSUI2002new turn on drunkard's path, ASuit, Mary Sue, 1952-1244
HMSmall projects; Machine piecing; HomeHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsSUN2000Pieced Roman Shadesturn your favorite patterns into window hangingsSundermann, Terrell1589
P-SCathedral window quilts; Machine piecingPatchwork - StarsSWA2001Machine stitched cathedral starsSwanland, Shelley, 1952-1164
P-TRSampler quilts; Machine piecing; Setting; Beginner's techniquesPatchwork - TrianglesSYT2002Bear's Paw PlusMake New Tracks With Sampler BlocksSyta, Pat A., 1947-1667
PT-LLog cabin; Patchwork patterns;Patchwork - Log CabinTAK2001Log Cabin(Japanese text)Takada, Sachiko978
HMHome; Gifts; Art sticksHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsTAY2008Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric FicklesticksArt Sticks To Bend, Wrap, Weave & WearTaylor, Diana, 1951-794
Q-MQuilting ; Longarm quilting; Pantographs; Longarm techiquesQuilting MachineTAY2002The ultimate guide to longarm machine quiltingTaylor, Linda V.1245
C-FScrap quilts; Applique; Sampler quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecingCountry / FolkTEN1996Use it up, wear it out, make it do... or do without!Tendall, Mary665
Q-MQuilting; Free motion quilting; Quilting DesignsQuilting MachineTER2004Pathways to Better Quilting5 Shapes for machine quilt patternsTerry, Sally.1873
Q-MMachine quilting; Animals; Flowers; BordersQuilting MachineTER2011Pathways From Quilt Top To QuiltedTerry, Sally.849
PTPatchwork;PatchworkTET2006Quilting Through LifeProjects For The Mind, Body, And SoulTeters-Zeigler, Julia.982
QRGroup projects; Group patchwork; quilting; Charity quiltsQuilt RelatedTEU2008Quilting Party!Group Quilting for Celebration, Commemoration & CharityTeufel, Linda Chang82
PTPatchwork; Stars;Template patternsPatchworkONE1999Star Quiltsa selection of the legendary Kansas City star quilt patternsThe Staff of the Kansas Star1024
S-GSurface design; EmbellishmentSurface Design - GeneralTHI2007Hot Textilesinspiration and techniques with heat toolsThittichai, Kim1781
S-GSurface design; EmbellishmentSurface Design - GeneralTHI2011Layered textilesnew surfaces with heat tools, machine and hand stitchThittichai, Kim773
STRPatchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecingString PiecedTHO1997Stripples strikes again!more quilts to make with the bias stripper rulerThomas, Donna Lynn, 1955-451
DEMachine piecing; TessellationsDesign/ LayoutTHO2005Square dancefancy quilts from plain squares. revised editionThompson, Martha419
P-SCMachine piecing; Patchwork; Scrap quiltsPatchwork - ScrappyTHO1998Start with squaresspeedy square piecing for scrap quiltsThompson, Martha438
HXPatchwork; Machine piecing; TessellationsHexies ; English Paper PiecingTHO2002Magical hexagonssimple steps to dynamic quiltsThompson, Martha, 1949-1195
CECeltic quilting; Patterns QuiltingCelticTHO1998More Than Celticover 50 designs for quilting or appliqueThompson, Shirley790
APApplique; Small projects; Embroidery; Country; HistoricAppliqueTHO2000Made in America 1776-1830quilts by the daughters of libertyThompson, Terry Clothier1013
DEDesign; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Fabric selectionDesign/ LayoutTIM2007Ricky Tims' Rhapsody QuiltsInspiring, Amazing--create Your Own!Tims, Ricky.1179
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenTOM2005Tea in the Gardenquilts for a summer afternoonTomaszewski, Cynthia1482
A-FLApplique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; EmbellishmentApplique - FlowersTOM2009Quilts From ParadiseTomaszewski, Cynthia, 1953-882
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenTOM2003Garden partyappliqué quilts that bloomTomaszewski, Cynthia, 1953-1298
DEDesign; Color; BordersDesign/ LayoutTOR 1998Design essentialsthe quilter's guideTorrence, Lorraine, 1941-729
DEDesign; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecingDesign/ LayoutTOR 2006Shifting PerspectivesTrim Your Way To One-of-a-kind QuiltsTorrence, Lorraine, 1941-791
DEDesign; Color; BordersDesign/ LayoutTOR 2009Fearless Design For Every QuilterTraditional & Contemporary--10 Lessons--creativity & CritiqueTorrence, Lorraine, 1941-374
PPPaper piecing; Flowers; Curved piecingPaper PiecingTOW2001Dutch flower pot quiltsTownrow, Anja.1141
A-FLApplique; Fabric selection; FlowersApplique - FlowersTOW2003Color-blend appliqueTownswick, Jane1327
A-BApplique; Fabric selection; Flowers; Birds; ButterfliesApplique - Birds, Bees, Butterfly and BugsTOW2005Applique takes wingexquisite designs for birds, butterflies, and moreTownswick, Jane.836
AP-HApplique; Album quilts; Flowers; BirdsApplique - HandTOW2000Artful appliquéthe easy wayTownswick, Jane.1014
BAChildren's quilts; Quilt history; PatchworkBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToTRA2006Prairie children and their quilts14 little projects that honor the pioneer spiritTracy, Kathleen, 1951-1577
DEDesign; Creativity; Surface Design;Design/ LayoutTRI2011How to Be Creative in Textile ArtTriston, Julia100
W-BWearable art; Applique; Patchwork; Machine piecing; Strip piecingWearables, Bags, Purses TRU1997True stylepieced jackets with distinctive appliquéTrue, Peggy, 1946-764
S-PSurface design; Photo fabric;Surface Design - PhotoURQ2003Moment in Time, ATurn your precious memories into quilts to treasureUrquhart, Jan T.806
HMHomeHome/Gifts/Small ProjectsVAG2012Quilted Gifts From Your Scraps & StashVagts, Carolyn S.1334
E-GEmbellishment; Embroidery; Hand stitching; crazy quiltsEmbellishment - GeneralVAI2014Embroidery & Patchwork RevisitedAn Illustrated Guide To Hand StitchingVaine, Janice1803
E-GEmbellishment; EmbroideryEmbellishment - GeneralVAI2011Art Of Elegant Hand Embroidery, Embellishment And Applique, TheVaine, Janice.636
A-ANApplique; Machine piecing; Picture quilts; Animals; NatureApplique - AnimalVAN2003Meadowbrook quilts12 projects inspired by natureVan Bockel, Jean, 1952-1356
BAChildren's quilts; Applique; Machine piecing; AnimalsBaby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToVAN2005Polka-dot kids' quiltsVan Bockel, Jean, 1952-524
TE3-D TechniquesTechnique including BeginnerVAN2014Wild and Wonderful 3-D QuiltsVaneecke, Mary1820
MNMiniature; Paper piecing;Miniature QuiltsVOS2007Paper-pieced Mini QuiltsVosters, Wendy.286
A-FLApplique; Flowers; Embroidery; Patchwork; Machine piecing; BordersApplique - FlowersWAL2002Pick-a-pattern applique & variationsWaldman, Joan Sjuts1500
TETechniques; Flowers; Fabric - Surface imprinting; AppliqueTechnique including BeginnerWAL2000Flower patternsto appliqué, paint, and embroiderWaldman, Joan Sjuts.932
P-SCScrap quilts; Patchwork;Patchwork - ScrappyWAL2008Spotlight On Scraps10 Pretty QuiltsWalker, Cyndi, 1970-824
H-CChristmas; Small projects; AppliqueSeasonal - ChristmasWAL2011Be Merryquilts and projects for your holiday homeWalker, Martha1673
Q-DQuilting designs;Quilting DesignsWAL2010Hari Walner's Continuous-line Quilting Designs80 Patterns For Blocks, Borders, Corners & Backgrounds.Walner, Hari, 1940-1706
TEQuilting; Machine quilting; Trapunto; Sewing supplies and equipmentTechnique including BeginnerWAL1996Trapunto by machineWalner, Hari, 1940-529
P-RTPatchwork; Fabric selection; Batiks; Squares; RectanglesPatchwork - Rectangles, Squares; 9 patch; 4 patchWAL2013In Love With Squares & Rectangles10 Quilt Projects With Batiks & Solids From Blue Underground StudiosWalsh, Amy (Amy Simpson)1682
Q-ARContemporary quilts; Art quilts; Quilting contestsArt QuiltsWAL2005Contemporary quiltingexciting techniques and quilts from award-winning quiltersWalter, Cindy1536
S-GArt quilt; Fabric - surface design; FusibleSurface Design - GeneralWAL1996Snippet SensationsFast, Fusible Fabric Art for Quilted or Framed ProjectsWalter, Cindy1818
TEFlowers; Applique; Beginner's techniques; VintageTechnique including BeginnerWAL2002Basic applique1930's quilt patterns created with traditional and contemporary techniquesWalter, Cindy1424
Q-MQuilting; Free motionQuilting MachineWAL2014Shape by ShapeFree-motion Quilting with Angela WaltersWalters, Angela, 1979-1794
Q-MBeginner's techniques; Machine quiltingQuilting MachineWAL2017Free-Motion MeanderingA Beginner's guide to Machine QuiltingWalters, Angela, 1979-1864
A-GRApplique; Garden themed; FlowersApplique - GardenWAL2007Garden of Applique4 quilts by Peggy WaltmanWaltman, Peggy734
PTPatchwork; Strip piecing; Stars; Scrap quilts; Beginner's techniquesPatchworkWAR2003Patchwork memoriesquilts with the charm of yesteryearWarehime, Retta1456
BAChildren's quilts;Baby/ Children quilts; Kid How ToWAR2006Jack and Jill quiltsfor boys and girlsWarehime, Retta, 1953-1586
BRBorders; Beginner's techniques; Small projects; Applique; Wearable art; Patchwork; Machine piecingBorders, Finishes & LabelsWAR2002Illustrated Guide To Borders & BindingsWarner, Jodi G.992
P-TRBeginner's techniques; Small projects; Applique; Wearable art; Patchwork; Machine piecingPatchwork - TrianglesWAR2003Illustrated Guide To Half-square TrianglesWarner, Jodi G.605
TEArt quilts; Fusing; AppliqueTechnique including BeginnerWAS2005Fusing Fun!Fast Fearless Art QuiltsWasilowski, Laura809
APAppliqueAppliqueWAS2011Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts11 Easy Appliqué Projects To Embroider By HandWasilowski, Laura, 1952-1292
Q-ARArt quilts;Art QuiltsWAS2008Fuse-and-tell Journal QuiltsCreate Your Story In ClothWasilowski, Laura, 1952-1297
F-MFabric - surface manipulation; FlowersFabric ManipulationWAT2000Fantastic fabric foldinginnovative quilting projectsWat, Rebecca, 1965-968
F-MSurface design; Fabric manipulation; Machine embroidery; Fabric - Dyes and dyeing; Machine appliqueFabric ManipulationWAT2006Fresh Twist On Fabric Folding, A6 Techniques--20 Quilt & Décor ProjectsWat, Rebecca, 1965-1738
RRReligious; Applique; Crosses; PatternsReligious RelatedWAT2003Quilted CrossWatts, J. Michelle1825
APApplique; Picture quilts; Embellishment; Embroidery; Seasonal patterns; DesignAppliqueWEI1998Everyday angels in extraordinary quiltsWeidman, Mary Lou, 1949-1232
APApplique; Picture quilts; Embellishment; Seasonal patterns; DesignAppliqueWEI2001Quilted memoriescelebrations of lifeWeidman, Mary Lou, 1949-1177
MDModern quilts; PatchworkModern QuiltsWEI200524-hour QuiltsWeiss, Rita.837
PTPatchwork; Machine piecing; Quilt history; AppliquePatchworkWEI2005Making Antique QuiltsWeiss, Rita.1060
PT-LLog cabin quilts; Patchwork; Machine piecing; DesignPatchwork - Log CabinWEI2006Log Cabin QuiltsWeiss, Rita.668
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