Challenges, Forms and Handouts

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Meet a Member-6/18/2017

Meet a Member Cover Letter
Sue Burns Meet a Member Example
Meet a Member Form

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Guildllines for selling raffle tickets at Guild meetings

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Bear patterns and bear label

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Christmas Stocking Pattern-12-17-2017
Christmas Stocking Pattern Instructions-12-17-2017
Easy Schmeezy Pillowcase
Mini Pillowcase

Cases for Kids. Tucson Quilters Guild members will be making 'Cases for Kids', an ongoing project to benefit the children of Tucson who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment. We ask for bright colors, sports themes, anything to brighten the life of a child, from the youngest to teenagers. Bring your finished pillowcase to Guild Meetings. Contact Kathy for more info.

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Check Request -2/3/2017 to be printed and then filled out-PDF
Check Receipt -2/3/2017 to be printed and then filled out-PDF


Scrapbuster Block 2008 Show
Raw edge Bull's-eye Scrap Quilt

Mystery Quilt

Mystery in the Desert, episode 1
Mystery in Desert, episode 2
Mystery in the Desert, episode 3
Mystery in the Desert, episode 4

Please note that Chapter 5 is very large and may not open in your computer.

Mystery in the Desert Chapter 5 - Solution.pdf

December 17, 2017